[Spoilers] Further Tome Changes, Reconstruction/MotMG/Early Game Rework and more


I welcome these new sprite changes, since they all look awesome! I love the new Arachna sprite and it’s smiley face on it’s back which calls back to people confusing which end of Arachna was her head. I think keeping the old and ugly sprites that the game used to have for the sake of nostalgia and simplicity is stupid.

On the other hand, I think the Appetiser sucks. Like the Keyper, it’s stupid. It doesn’t help that the Appetiser’s sprite is terrible. Why do all of these events have to be puns?


image image May just be me but I think the original looks more fierce/suitable than the new one
image Cool but it won’t fit in with the other gland sprites (are those being updated too?)

Tomes of Purification:
The Purrrification and Pluralification Tomes are good ones, especially the Purrrification which will require better positioning from its user to make full use of it. The usefulness of Poorification varies greatly on the group size, and Pyrification’s cooldowns limits its usefulness in the fights where you need it the most (MBC).

What have you done


I mean, as something you’d find in 2 different places I don’t see why they can’t be different, like this is their “true form” when they’re at home :smiley:


I don’t think there’s a good argument for keeping puri the way that it is now. They could make the mana cost 300, damage you on use, have 3 range, and have a 3 second cooldown, and I’m still convinced it would be a viable item for group play as long as it still has group purification. Any of the suggested changes are fairly lenient considering how significantly it affects the game atm, but I like that they’re keeping an open discourse with the community and giving us options, and not just outright taking a dump on it like they would if KiddForce really had a ‘hate boner’ for it.


• I’m not going to lie, I like the old flying snake look way better and the Stheno sprite’s simplicity. That last one’s probably just me, though. -.- I like/love everything else sprite wise!

• I might actually farm Spider Dens for the star when that’s released.

• The Appetizer? Do I smell a certain contest winning dungeon in the works?

• I’m going to avoid speaking anything on the matter of the Puri changes (other than the titles are adorable), because I’ve never found it in all the manor runs I’ve done, not have I really been in groups with someone in possession of such.

• I’m excited for this! Let’s see if I can scavenge enough time to participate in that f2p event.


I for one, am looking forward to actually knowing what the winged snake actually… well, is.



Yes, dagger buff! Except for ripper, which got hard nerfed…


I like how both etherite and deathless gets increased dropsrates, but deathless is getting nerfed and etherite is getting buffed doing more damage than t14. God forbid someone use deathless i guess… :confused:



@Inuarte The damage buffs across the board are epic, and well deserved.


yo did you see the t2 buff? holy shit

@WindowsHDD oooo lmao i thought u were talking specifically about the: t0%20dagger



Dagger buffs and ST power rebalancing, heck yes. Thanks, devs. Etherite is still overpowered for a single ST. Stinger still seems underpowered.

Hope to see many items that have been forgotten picked up, like Vile Trap and skulls that don’t really pan out.


I like the archdemon sprite


Here’s my feedback, if any Deca developer sees this:

Tiered Daggers: Fine.
Cdirk Changes: Also fine.
Ripper: Nerfed too hard, now only outdamages T12 by around 3% despite its’ atrocious shot speed, shouldn’t be nerfed this much or at all if everything else is gonna get buffed.
Etherite: Fine.
Poison Fang: Fine.
Queen’s Stinger: Fine.
Carved Golem Remains: Fine.
Corruption Cutter: Fine.
Bounty Hunter: Too similar to T12 now, essentially just a T12 with marginally less range but bypasses obstacles.
Toxin Tooth: Fine.
Avarice: Fine.

Soulcursed Scythe: The proc should also be buffed so it doesn’t fall behind any other daggers of a similar tier.

Also, please reduce the damage variation on daggers.


From what I’ve seen, people arguing for hard puri nerfs and thinking “puri soooooo broken” has mostly been a vocal minority from this very niche forum and with same rehashed arguments, but you do you. Personally, I don’t think there is any good argument for hard-nerfing puri, and a lot better arguments for keeping it as it is. In fact, as soon as you nerf puri, prot just becomes the best tome again (which was the case back in WS days). So yeah, yay for making priest not help the group as much again?


Kiddforce’s hate boner reference:

28 votes and 28 comments so far on Reddit


Take of that what you will. Of course, hopefully the DECA team isn’t solely taking Kidd’s “balance” directions (and for obvious reasons).


Yeah, that’s what I don’t get from some people, if it has an effect, big whoop I guess? It’s still useless to higher-tiered rings and UTs even with the effect.


BRUH I IGNORE THE CEM EVENT AND NOW THEY BUFF ETHERITE. I am sooooo mad rn but overall I think that the dagger changes are good


Yeah, I definitely feel like the minority on this one haha, but I guess we can agree to disagree then - everything that needs to be said about puri has probably been said and I think people have made up their minds.

I’ve seen that post by Kidd, but I’m not convinced that a change like whats happening to priest is really just being pushed by Kidd - something that drastic would have (most likely) been discussed and agreed upon as part of the teams vision for the future of the game.

Regardless of whether you agree with Deca’s decisions on this one though, would you rather they have a vision that they stick to and try and push for, or bend to the community whenever there’s backlash at a controversial change? You might not like the changes, and neither might I, but I think the worst thing that could possibly happen is if Deca is unable to make any significant changes to the game for fear of upsetting part of the community (which inevitably happens with any update).


Regardless of whether you agree with Deca’s decisions on this one though, would you rather they have a vision that they stick to and try and push for, or bend to the community whenever there’s backlash at a controversial change?

And this is another major point of disagreement between you and I apparently. As far as I’ve seen, DECA’s track record of actually listening well to community feedback is not very good.

  • From ignoring feedback regarding samurai/bard,
  • ignoring feedback for the heroic dungeons,
  • the entire LH 1.0 reception mess,
  • to not acknowledging the ice tomb event chest droprate manipulation until the community blew up for several days in a row,
  • pushing O3 without transparency filter (and then somehow bungling that up too later, LOL),
  • as well as their sources of closer feedback having a serious case of echo chamber (which I’ve already explained in the official PT thread),

I hope this will be the chance for DECA to actually prove that they can listen to major community feedback, especially since they seem to be keen on changing major, fundamental aspects of the game all at once without any sort of foresight or sensibilities.


So yeah, I want DECA to listen to the community when the community tells them that their “vision” is, quite frankly, not good. And the worst thing to happen would be if DECA ignored the feedback entirely. So I don’t know why you think DECA just stubbornly pushing their vision is a good idea (blindly pushing vision is also what Kabam did when they introduced pets, selling items in the nexus, and mystery boxes btw). But sure, agree to disagree ig.


Of course, all those things are very valid criticisms of Deca’s ability in the past to respond to community feedback. I agree that in the past they haven’t been very good at listening to the community for the better or worse, especially simple things like communicating the ice tomb mess in a timely fashion. One of my main criticisms of their recent changes is that lack of stated reason for many of their changes - I think that having some kind of text accompanying any balance change explaining what they think it will achieve will really help on the communication front, and allow for more informed discussion.

I just wanted to point out that even though in all the cases that you mentioned, the game would have benefited greatly from community feedback being listened to, this does not mean that the community is always right in every case, even when there seems to be a majority voice on an opinion. It’s a fair point that closed tester feedback is a bit of an echo chamber, but then you have to acknowledge that the subset of people responding to Deca’s balance changes (i.e. the active ‘community’, or you and me in this case) is actually a small subset of the total playerbase. If anything, the largest group of people who Deca needs to listen to are people who don’t play the game or stopped playing, because these are the people who’s opinions matter the most for the game’s future. These are the people you won’t hear from in community feedback, yet are the most important voice.

Point is, what we might want in the short term may not actually be the best for the game even though it feels better, and at the end of the day, Deca should do what’s best for the game in the long run. Pet nerfs feel bad to divine owners but I think we can all agree that they’re good for long term health. Priest nerfs feel bad, but maybe we’ll see that in context of future changes they’ll make sense (like rebalancing status effects, boss dmg, etc.). If Deca just does what ‘feels good’ for the community (which is how games like Gwent died), then the game is never going to go anywhere.

If anything, a little stubborn vision pushing is exactly what we need.