[Spoilers] Melee Nerfs, Warrior ST Rework, Endless Torment Updated and more


very subject to change

Melee Nerfs

  • Berserk and Damaging is now 1.2x instead of 1.5x

Major nerf to Warrior and Paladin, also affects ST Necro Skull (damaging) and Conflict (also damaging), and T5 and T6 Orb (berserk)

  • Immunities

ok well this isn’t fully known but here are the facts:

Stun immune is gone from every enemy (might not be all but the ones that matter anyway, void, mbc, etc), paralyze and daze immunes gone from some.

not facts: Now obviously deca isn’t gonna remove immunities, the only realistic option is for there to be a cooldown between stuns (and other status effects) where the enemy is immune, an idea that has been passed along many times. Perhaps vit can get some usefulness with this as well, which is normally also added in with the idea.

This would get rid of perma stunning, paralyzing, slowing, whatever. Biggest nerf to Knight, with classes like Huntress and Archer being nerfed as well.

  • There’s probably more nerfs

Warrior ST

comes with LOD rework


Damage: 566-650 -> 525-575

Rate of Fire: 25% -> 33%

Range: 3.5 -> 4

Stats: -10 DEF -> Nothing (best update)

Effects: Piercing -> still piercing

Fame: 4%

FP: 900

white indompt is new



Helm of Draconic Dominance

this is a big change, so much so that it isn’t even close to the original. I’ll treat it like a new item, read the old item stats here https://www.realmeye.com/wiki/helm-of-draconic-dominance

MP: 95

Effects: Shoots 3 shots (arc gap 10)

Damage: 500-650

Range: 5.6

Effects: Piercing

Effects 2: +125 HP for 6 seconds

Stats: +10 DEF, +5 SPD

Fame: 4%

FP: 800

what the shots look like

armor and ring have no changes, but ring should get changes considering sourcestone is a direct upgrade

Endless Torment

comes with shaitan rework

update from the previous leek post

>This skull glows with the stolen soul of a phoenix trapped in the skull many years ago by Shaitan.

Radius: 1.75 -> 2.75

Damage: 280 -> 120 (+ wismod)

Heal: 90 -> 80

Def Ignored: 60 -> 20

MP: 110 -> 110

Stats: +40 HP, +3 DEF, +3 DEX -> +50 HP, +3 DEF, +3 DEX

Hits for Puri on Self: 3 -> 2

Hits for Puri on Group: 6 -> 4

Fame: 6

FP: 1000

random stuff

new ivory sprite

heroic malphas sprite

also every boss now has a trackloot tag, but who knows what that actually tracks


Doubt people will still use Indomptable,


This is most certainly not ok as it nerfs the heck out of mystic, a class many people consider the worst according to the character poll. This definitely better change.

Conflict does damaging, tiered orbs do berserk


ok fixed


Unless i’m wrong here, skulls don’t do berserk
I believe you meant to put orbs?
Also sorry for correcting you a bunch


yo im rarted


That’s alright, we all make mistakes :heart:


I personally feel that instead of making every enemy subjectable to being stunned to give shields feel more useful towards late game instead of a sole damaging ability, they should add more diversity to the shield itself. Possibly lowering stun time and adding something else there.
This rework to the stun and adding a possible cooldown is a huge nerf to solo play and a risky buff to team play. I can see late game bosses being much easier, Draconis actually becoming easy for melees, but mostly at the cost of teamwork and coordination with other players.
Still not completely sure how I feel about this but I’ll see as it goes on.


Would be imo much better if warrior and pally would do a new buff that increases RoF by 1.2 and mystic and necro get to keep the old beserk and damaging


Whoa. That’s a pretty major change. I think it might be too major, since Damaging would basically be on par with Curse now. Maybe somewhere in between would be better.

Odd. Basically laying the groundwork for a Knight rework, and potentially perma-statusing in general.

Nice to see the Warrior ST Set getting some love, though the Helmet is kinda weird. Even more damage output for a Helm?

(also the Amulet gives 5 more HP, which, although negligible, is still a difference :^))

Really unsure of the Torment rework. I don’t see anything wrong with it as it is - if anything, I think it should focus more on the high-damage-low-radius niche that makes it so unique, not some odd Purification effect.

…Not really Ivory anymore, is it?
Looks kinda out of place compared to the other dragons, but still cool.


The changes are so bizarre and unwarranted…

  1. berserk and damaging change - paladin is a necessary but comparatively rarely played class (how many times have you said or heard said ‘no pala, rip dps’) and warrior’s only OP if it has Jugg(I utterly hate the class as it’s forced spdy), mystic’s almost only played by trolls and this would nerf it so ONLY trolls play it, it hurts the necro st set as it at least let it get close to wizard’s dps, and as a whole it massively hurts group play.
  2. Immunities - the fact part of what you said - Knight sees play in late game because of how absurdly tanky he is, his ability doesn’t matter there and it shouldn’t, otherwise he’d be OP.
  3. what you suggested might happen - God no, there are so many problems caused by that, as we saw way back when lab bosses were made para immune it doesn’t need to be there and massively hurts solo play, imagine that on a much larger scale? A ‘quit the game’ level event for me for sure (and half my guild discord agrees)
    BUT if it’s a mix of the previously immune enemies now get resistance after a statis effect? That I’d be more than happy with.
  4. Item changes - Agree with all of them, do those, throw the other 2 ideas into a fire(unless the BUT is true).


white bag pity rate


This is terrible. Good idea, bad execution.

Their general nerf just ruined classes that are already overshadowed. If they wanted to just nerf melee, stick with sword nerfs like what was leaked a long time ago. The ability nerfs to shield is fine, if they can make it so berserk from helms/damaging seals is less that is sort of fine (though I still disagree). However, keep classes like mystic out of the nerfs.


Anyone else here actually like the paralyze from Draconic Dominance? I don’t have an electric pet so this helm was actually really fun. I look forward to the damage, but the last thing the warrior needs is more damage. Also, I wonder if the +10 bonus from wearing 3+ of the Dragon Tamer set will be removed now that the sword is losing it’s respective -10. I guess we’ll see.



The gif’s a bit messed up here, his eyes are supposed to be dark-yellow in the first frame.


RIP Warrior mains tbh

The nerfs should be to 1.4x in my honest opinion, not 1.2x!


Do you think that the warrior helmet change makes it better or worse? I just got the helmet from an st chest and was really looking forward to playing around with the paralyze…


Worse cause less hp.

The helm currently is great for group dungeons where speedy is generally useless and you get berserk from other warriors.


they really know how to ruin torment


they say hackers ruin the game when deca is doing it lul