[Spoilers] Melee Nerfs, Warrior ST Rework, Endless Torment Updated and more


RIP necro. The st scull is so much fun, guess not lmao


I don’t know where you do your runs, but in sbc paladin is usually the most prominent class

I feel like the nerf rather adresses the steamroll problem that most bosses have than melees individually.

Maybe Warrior and Pally could get their group dps buffs completly removed and instead two new classes that aren’t grotesque supprt-healer-damagedealer hybrids get the group buffs instead


i dont foresee deca doing that, nerf is easy, and they are busy with MoTMG and Unity.


This does seem a bit broken. I guess it’s meant to nerf melee, which makes sense as they are OP. But it nerfs other classes badly too, Mystic in particular which is balanced by berserk (from tiered or ST orbs) or damaging (from Conflict), otherwise it’s too weak compared to other ranged. It’s already one of the least popular classes, this would just make it even more unpopular.

Better would be nerfs to particular classes’ abilities. not much point changing mana costs, with pets today, but longer cooldowns + shorter durations could address particular classes, making perma berserk, perma damaging + perma stun impossible unless there are two or three of each class acting in coordination.


The nerf to berserking and damaging makes mystic a more useful class since the 20% dmg bonus from curse is now comparatively more important to overall group dps.


No it just means people will run even more melee characters.

There was a huge discussion about sword dps before on the forums.

At the core of that discussion was the fact that swords are op and deal too much damage, making melees too good.

I said melee are much more dangerous so they deserve extra dps.

I was against the sword nerf. Others supported it along with a buff to other class weapons.

If you cut the dps down from ability buffs (beserk, damaging), this just means that Void / Halls / hard discord groups will demands MORE melees to make up for the lost dps.


This is just like the discussion on removing pets. People might complain that its too big of a nerf to solo play, but the thing is they were too overpowered in the first place and never should have existed in the first place.


Oh dear god. The idea of having nothing but cults, (which i love cults but voids are necessary) for lack of melees. I think the nerf should be something like this…

Add new versions of the buff, perhaps with a hollow version of the current sprite.
Leave normal ones on the scull, and orbs.
Add ut seal and helm that give normal ones but for less time.
New version of the buffs can be the 1.2 ones.


Not much discussion on the sprites, so…

I’m not sure what the intent is with the Ivory Wyvern, assuming that this is intended to be the new sprite. Old Ivory Wyvern was a white Oriental Dragon, a neat surprise after facing down 4 Western dragons, but nonetheless still arguably foreshadowed by the kanji on the floor of the Rock Dragon’s setpiece.

New Ivory is just… a standard Western wyvern. I think it’s also lacking a bit in terms of being the final boss of the LoD. It’s a beautiful sprite, but to me it just really doesn’t fit the Ivory Wyvern.

Heroic Malphas is neat but I think needs a bit more polish, the shading on the claws for example is really strange (and not even present in the second attack sprite!)

Regarding everything else, the Mystic (and Necro I guess) nerf was probably an unfortunate side effect of nerfing Warrior and Paladin. I think I understand what their reasoning behind it probably was, but since basically every status effect/buff gets handed to some other class to use as well I’d say it is necessary to either just go with the weapon nerf like the previous one, or if buff must be nerfed then beef up the corresponding stats of the classes/items that the nerf isn’t intended for. I’m worried that the unintentional nerfs could slip under the radar, especially for the Conflict and the ST skull.

I think Indompt is a lot more usable now, I still don’t know if I personally would bother to swap to it for the piercing as opposed to just continuing to steamroll things with another sword, but it’s still in a better spot.

The helm is very interesting and I’m not sure what to make of it.

It looks like shaits skull is definitely now intended to be a sort of puri replacement rather than a damage dealer, which IMO may be a good thing since I find that the intended “high damage ability” whites tend to miss the mark or not boost the class’ dps enough (see: vile, murky, i guess tome of pain).

Also all these comments going like “deca ruining game” or just says that “x sucks” without giving like any reasoning whatsoever got old like 2000 comments ago, at least bother to give a reason why you think deca absolutely trashed and thrashed the game with this truly horrendous update so other people can see why you think it’s absolutely truly horrendous in your eyes (and this isn’t because I think deca can do no wrong, this is because those comments really don’t contribute anything useful at all)


What a Joke


(First post in a while wow)
I think I like this rework? I think indompt becomes more usable, even if slightly so. Indompt is definitely a flex/vanity item at this point so its nice seeing it have a bit more use in situations. Maybe 50% fire rate would be better tho as I still dont see it being that practical.
I think old helm was fine, as you said, new helm is basically a new item at this point.
I like the wismod addition to skull, once again a not-so-great item (altho torment was still p good) turned into a more viable item.
I prefer old ivory, new one looks like something out of the MT
WTf is heroic malphas now lmao. I mean come to think of it, what is the original malphas :confused:

I guess I’m just disappointed as I’m a wholehearted believer that UTs and STs should be entirely out of the box and not be viable in every situation. Tiered items should be the ones that are fine in most scenarios and UTs and STs should shine in very niche scenarios. It’s hard to maintain that balance to the point that UTs are usable/desirable, but Deca should look into this imo.


Acclaim is good in most scenarios, and you wouldn’t use csword unless the enemy is super dangerous and you can’t go balls deep. This scenario is common enough to the point that csword is viable in some situations, but not the most desirable in all situations.

Just some initial thoughts on the changes


don’t nerf my mystic pls


Not liking the idea of nerfing the melees as described above.


i agree, but pets are a money making venture for DECA. If you kill them or nerf them people would demand their money back or just quit.


Deca is so smart, lets nerf mystic, necro st, and a bunch of other shit, to make the game balanced!!! I honestly think that we should have an OP DPS class like the warrior in game so not every class feels balanced and boring


This makes me sad that I died with ST helm


I feed them both sword & helm when there was no st partial bonus :frowning:


You can’t be serious. Nerfing pally and warrior buffs? That’s insane(-lay stupid).


And @everyone-else-who-hates-this-change
I have 3d playtime on my warrior and by far it is my best class. I am totally on board with this nerf. Warrior is so freaking insanely op with 1.5x damage buff that this change is justified. I don’t like however that Mystic and Necro ST got nerfed by this.


F i trashed 3/4 of the warrior st set