[Spoilers] Recapping all recent events in Realm! / Realm News Episode 1


This is a small news podacast which recaps many bigger events on the games different communities and in the game itself!
This was a project by the Nexus Network’s Media Team! All links and info in the video description.
If we get enough support we want to make this a frequent format on our channel to recap, inform and share everything new there is on the game.
This episode was sadly delayed a bit.
Hope you enjoyed and it took less time than reading all those different posts everywhere!



I dont quite understand what you tried to convey with this.
Is this about me tagging this with [Spoilers] due to it containing unreleased content?


It wa a joke because Niegil leaks shit.


Ah ok, didnt see who he messaged there but you are probably right.


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