[Spoilers] Supreme ST Bonus Campaign Info, Slight Challenger (NPE) Mode Info and this Weekend's Event Info


edit: everything is out (except challenger mode)

weekend chest event

monthly/weekly quest events


subject to change

before we get to those two, we need to go over the Shards, Gems and the Supreme Token.


There’s 3 types of shards/gems, Amethyst, Sapphire and Topaz.

The Shards are the ones on the right (the reskins from old tokens/shards). All of them stack to 10 and have this same description:

Bring a stack of shards to the Tinkerer to complete his quest.

The Gems are the other ones, don’t stack, and have this same description:

Collect Amethyst Gem, Sapphire Gem and Topaz Gem and bring them to the Tinkerer to complete his quest.

The Supreme Token is the epic st chest reskin on the right.

Exchange this item for an ST set of choice at the Tinkerer.

We don’t know if it’s every ST set, but that’s pretty epic.

These items are already in the game, they were added in a small patch on Wednesday.

Supreme ST Bonus Campaign

no fancy pictures this time sadly, prices may be outdated as well.

At least they learned this time, there’s no unlock price this time. The reason for having the unlock price for the Unity Campaign was to make sure bots don’t make it on the Wall of Fame, and since that doesn’t exist anymore, the unlock price was useless. There’s also none of that donate directly stuff apparently.

Join the Campaign for free and collect points with every purchase you make in the Mystery Shop or Nexus. Collecting points will unlock Ranks and many bonus Rewards!

Rank #1: 500 Points
1 Mystery ST Chest

Rank #2: 3000 Points
1 Mystery ST Chest

Rank #3: 5000 Points
1 Mystery ST Chest

Rank #4: 7000 Points
1 Mystery ST Chest

Rank #5: 20000 Points
1 Supreme Token (yeah it doesn’t make sense why it’s named as a token)

The beginning date says May 31st (today), but that might be wrong, since the end date is apparently June 3rd (June 6th being the grace date)

Challenger Mode

Anyone right now can go on http://test.realmofthemadgod.com and see this image:

well they reverted that while I was typing this up, but the server can still be seen


This is shown the second you press play, the the Server button has been moved from the main menu to AFTER picking a mode.

One thing that isn’t available on the site is this

CHALLENGER_RESTRICTIONS:Array = ["{objects.Pet_Yard_Portal}",“Vault Portal”,“Daily Quest Room”];

The Producer’s Letter did say NPE specifically, so it makes sense that Pets are not allowed. Daily Quest makes sense as well. Vault is kinda meh, but the mode is meant to be a competition, where you get stuff on your main by doing well on that gamemode, not to transfer items.

Today’s Event

yeah i wont go into too much detail since it’s coming out in a couple hours anyway, but there’ll be weekly quest events (like the Library quest event) for the rest of June. The weekly quests will be the ones using those Shards and Gems. You can turn in all 3 gems for a “special reward” (aka i dont know).

there’s also reef and shaitan chest events

Guess the Weekend Chest Event Dungeon [Just for Fun, Prizes Ended]
PT: Classes balancing part 1, Gigantic Cave(Fungal Forest + Crystal Cave), LoD, LoS
Update revealed


Looking cool. What does surprise is how Deca’s definition of shards has changed…


I’d think they’ll be the gems, and the shardy-looking ones will be the shards.

Edit: these the shards I’d think:


ok yeah those are the shards, i made an oopsie


how do you get the supreme token let alone the yellow and blue shards and tokes?


info on the yellow and blue shards will be relased next week, the supreme token is from the campaign


I dont really like how they have grouped these together. Unless i got confused again, the supreme token is a pay only thing, it doesn’t feel right to mix it with stuff you can get by playing. I mean it’s mostly a language thing (supreme chest vs token) and the fact that they share the same menu at the exchange guy.


I never really paid attention to the previous campaigns and this one gives no information that I can use or perhaps I am not looking in the right place.

  • Do we have to buy the points directly to get ranks?
  • Are points 1:1 gold?
  • If I spend money to get gold and buy things such character slots, chests, dyes and other things do the things I buy convert also to points and increase my rank or do I have to buy points directly?
  • Is the supreme token only available once I get 20000 points?
  • Is there only one supreme token?


If you open the shop in game, there’s a campaign tab that it fairly easy to understand. You need to join the campaign - for free this time, and you can accumulate point with your other purchases.
The explanation Deca gave is here https://www.reddit.com/r/RotMG/comments/bv8js8/supreme_st_bonus/

Going through your questions:

  • No, the idea is to reward people for their other purchases, like pet food, wc tops and keys.
  • Yes
  • The gold you spend on other things converts to points automatically once the campaign is unlocked
  • Yes, but there are st chests at lower levels
  • I don’t know and I don’t plan to find out. All other campaigns were once only


Thanks @Kittie , I re-read it and found the explanation. I spend about $20 US a month on keys and other things. I like to contribute to the game as I do play it pretty regular.

  • Seems like a ton of money to get the Supreme token though.
  • The mystery ST Chests are too much money. Now if you could actually choose your ST Chest that would be worth it. There are a few ST items I would like to get but have had zero luck farming them. Once you get the Supreme token you can choose the ST set you would like so why not bring that to the mystery ST chests


I’ve put in the right link :roll_eyes:
Glad you’ve found it anyway.

I agree the whole thing it’s too expensive, and the st chests are not a proper reward…
Deca: “thanks for supporting the game, here is a surprise prize for you. Oh lol it’s a shatts st ring!”

But it seems that Deca believes in making money by people gambling and losing, instead of buying directly (see also skins that disappeared from bazaars), so having a fixed price for a st set is an improvement in my opinion.


iirc it was about $140 to get the supreme token from the campaign


It will be nice if the various governments kill the whole loot box gambling issue. I hate the fact that I have to gamble to get stuff from this game. Set price for a set item is the way to go. Yes, it may reduce their money income but it also would create a happy happy joy joy feelings to the rest of us.

Unless they keep this Supreme Token chest around for a real long time I will never get spend enough money to get it. I won’t bother spending money just to get the mystery chests.

It kills me that we get the ST Chest (and 15 orbs to make ST Chest) and I get an ST item that I can trade for. Just got the Shendyt of GEB from May’s ST Chest which was worth a hearty “F*cking waste” At least ONLY put untrade-able ST items into ST Chest drop table. I keep hoping that the ST chest will drop an ST Item that I farm for.

edit note: I added the word ONLY


not sure if you’re being serious or not but they already are in the drop table. I’ve gotten the trickster dagger and prism from the st chests and I haven’t done a single halls.


I agree on all of this, with the added bonus that I got a wand of Geb from my latest ST chest.
I’ve logged in to check, and this is what the campaign screen says to me:

Hopefully a joke!, but I’m going to add 2 points:

  • You DECA are not trying to reward people who spend money in game, you are trying to promote unreasonable spending in a short time - I know money is different for everybody, but that’s unreasonable and it’s a fact (also if i were go get a once-only $140 set of pixel items I’d make sure that I’m not dying with it, if you get what I mean…)

  • it doesn’t make sense that there’s nothing between 7K and 20K and the only good reward is the 20K one


At the moment you can get either, so a wealthy/old player has a good chance to get something they could easily buy.


ik i’m just saying to sb sts are in fact in the drop tables no matter how rare they might seem.


I should have said ONLY put untrade-able ST items in the ST chest drop table. Move out the trade-able ones


I’m having trouble collecting my second reward, any other people having this issue? Also, any tips since the event ends in 10 hours?