[Spoilers] UT Exchange Information and more


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The UT exchange feature mentioned in the latest letter is understandably exciting, and we know many people are eager for more details. The system is still in progress so I want to stress that nothing is concrete, but the current plan is for UTs to be classified into a few pseudo-tiers based on rarity, strength, and overall value. From there, exchanged UTs can only count toward those within the same value level (so no, you can’t exchange a thousand Snake Eye Rings for an Omni). We are not too far off from being able to share more thorough details about the system, so stay tuned! We’re very excited to provide a new way for people to put unwanted or excess UTs to better use.

Most of this follows what the qna answer said. TL;DR there will be 3 tiers of items, and you will be able to exchange items within that tier.


yea idk who did these and based of off what. But do note that being in the same tier still has levels in itself.


  • Poison Fang Dagger

  • Spirit Dagger

  • Corruption Cutter

  • Doom Bow

  • Staff of the Crystal Serpent

  • Sprite Wand

  • Crystal Wand

  • Conducting Wand

  • Wand of the Bulwark

  • Ancient Stone Sword

  • Pirate King’s Cutlass

  • Doku No Ken

  • Ray Katana

  • Void Blade

  • Cloak of the Planewalker

  • Penetrating Blast Spell

  • Spiteful Scutum

  • Scholar’s Seal

  • Murky Toxin

  • Plague Poison

  • Cracked Crystal Skull

  • Skullish Remains of Esben

  • Coral Venom Trap

  • Scepter of Fulmination

  • Kageboshi

  • Spectral Cloth Armor

  • Coral Silk Armor

  • Robe of the Tlatoani

  • Robe of the Mad Scientist

  • Candy-Coated Armor

  • Fungal Breastplate

  • Resurrected Warrior’s Armor

  • Snake Eye Ring

  • Spider’s Eye Ring

  • Crystal Bone Ring

  • Ring of Divine Faith

  • Coral Ring

  • Experimental Ring

  • Bone Dagger

  • Staff of Extreme Prejudice

  • Staff of Esben

  • St. Abraham’s Wand

  • Crystal Sword

  • Demon Blade

  • Orb of Sweet Demise

  • Prism of Dancing Swords

  • Honey Scepter

  • Ronin’s Wakizashi

  • Harlequin Armor

  • Chasuble of Holy Light

  • Tlataoni’s Shroud

  • Candy Ring


  • Coral Bow

  • Leaf Bow

  • Thousand Shot

  • Tezcacoatl’s Tail

  • Wand of the Fallen

  • Tome of Purification

  • Tome of Holy Protection

  • Bottled Medusozoan

  • Sealed Crystal Skull

  • Skull of Endless Torment

  • Orb of Aether

  • Prism of Dire Instability

  • Ghostly Prism

  • Cnidaria Rod

  • Midnight Star

  • Wakizashi of Eastern Winds

  • Water Dragon Silk Robe

  • Leaf Dragon Hide Armor

  • Fire Dragon Battle Armor

  • Ring of the Sphinx

  • Ring of the Nile

  • Ring of the Pyramid


  • Dirk of Cronus

  • Queen’s Stinger Dagger

  • Bow of the Void

  • Staff of Unholy Sacrifice

  • Sword of the Colossus

  • Cloak of Bloody Surprises

  • Quiver of Thunder

  • Quiver of the Shadows

  • Sporous Spray Spell

  • Tablet of the King’s Avatar

  • Tome of the Mushroom Tribes

  • Hivemaster Helm

  • Helm of the Juggernaut

  • Crystal Shield

  • Shield of Ogmur

  • Seal of Blasphemous Prayer

  • Marble Seal

  • Crystallised Fang’s Venom

  • Skull of Corrupted Souls

  • Cave Dweller Trap

  • Orb of Conflict

  • Echoes Prism

  • Star of Enlightenment

  • Fractured Gemstone Wakizashi

  • Ritual Robe

  • Armor of Nil

  • Breastplate of New Life

  • Crystallised Mist

  • Bracer of the Guardian

  • The Twilight Gemstone

  • The Forgotten Crown

  • Magical Lodestone

  • Bloodshed Ring

  • Sourcestone

  • Omnipotence Ring

Uncommon/Rare/Legendary UT Shards


Collect [rarity] UT Shards and exchange them at the Tinkerer for [rarity] UT items.

All 3 stack to 15. Each UT will have a different amount of shards they give you (i.e. a poison fang dagger won’t give you the same amount of shards as a ray katana), also idk the specific amounts.

Fusion Shard


Fusion: Drag this item onto an Uncommon, Rare or Legendary UT to turn it into their respecive shards.

Yes that says respecive, it’ll (maybe) be fixed.

This is the main way of getting the shards. What I don’t know is how you’ll get it, and if it’s a one-time use or not. However, it is very likely that it will be a one-time use item.

(maybe they’ll even sell these, imagine that)

So this is how the system will work

  1. Use the Fusion Shard to break down UTs into their rarity shards.
  2. Use those rarity shards to get other UTs in the same rarity at the tinkerer.

(the tinkerer might not even have every ut at all times, who knows!!!)

also random thing i asked related to this


useless stuff


This is the second part of the new ST system.

In the second stage, the ST items will be obtainable as a bonus reward upon opening keys for events using a new item-dropping functionality created recently. This will give an extra perk to the opener by giving them a random item, including the new ST set at a good chance.This phase will also last about 2 weeks.

These keys are just named “[dungeon] Special Key”.

Special Key: Once used, a Mystery item will drop for the opener. It contains a reward!

And yes, upon use, you will get a Mystery ST Crate


They also added much more filler loot to it

Open it to get one of the following:\n\nBergenia Bow\nLifebringing Lotus\nHollyhock Hide\nChrysanthemum Corsage\nMini Swarming Huntress Skin\nTheurgy Wand\nCeremonial Merlot\nAnointed Robe\nRing of Pagan Favor\nMini Messenger Priest Skin\nSwashbuckler’s Sickle\nTricorne of the High Seas\nNaval Uniform\nFirst Mate’s Hook\nMini Pirate King Warrior Skin\nChar Slot Unlocker\nAmbrosia\nVault Chest Unlocker\nMystery ST Shard x5\nSuperburger\nGolden Clover\nMystery ST Shard x3\nMystery ST Shard x2\nMystery ST Shard x1\nLucky Clover\nLoot Drop Potion\n*Backpack\n\nSprite Credits: Aurum

yea im not formatting all that


Time to abandon rotmg


ah yes pogger champion i will finally be able to obtain a void blade for 69 poision fang daggers


Midnight Star is the same Tier as trashy Tomb Rings?
Oh boi I’m in.

Edit: Bulwark is in the first few, with tons of trash whites :o? I mean it’s very situational but kinda rare too.
Also Plague and Murky, oh boi, RotMG will soon be addicting again. ^-^


Should be lit AF


So based on the fact that poison fang daggers aren’t worthless I guess that the fusion shards won’t be free (in the sense that you’ll have to pay ingame resources/money for it)

I hope that it’ll be more thought-out than pet feeding


time to cash in my bloodshed rings and gemstones for omnis


Time to cash in my useless bulwark for a sexy scutum


My gemstone will finally have a use!


Am I the only one whos about to start farming forbiden jungles’ so I can trade for UT’s?


snake pits be more common and its cyans are near the same drop rate, BUT you also get a chance at Bulwark while grinding and get a bunch of spd to do whatever you do with spd (drink it or ignore if you are maxed and are me, I see no reason to save spd)


OR you could waste 5 hours in usw2 trying to sell it and then end up dumping it on a random bluestar 8 spd for 1 vit




Hopefully it will be fame. Knowing deca it will be realm gold. This would actually give fame a use after maxing a 100/100 and the occasional (trash) fame box.


So the tables never mentioned alien items, will they be of any use in the UT exchange system. I wouldn’t mind getting rid of some of my unused weapons and armors! Now that i’ve looked it didn’t have mgm UTs either.


Sometimes these rarities dont make sense, why is doom bow and poison fang dagger uncommon?


personally, i think if someone farms 1000 snake eye rings, then they deserve an omni


tbh it may be harder depending on luck to get 1000 snake eye rings than an omni


Currently it’s probably based on the dungeon location, ex godlands, midtier from mighty chests, endgame and event white


agree i’ve only gotten about 5 snek eye rings