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All the references found so far:

Leaderboard (last updated 3/26/2020)

Mizumi: 46.5
Zquidx: 42
Moobattle: 34.5
Wilhuff: 31.5
Nevov: 31
Piggby: 17
LudwiGa: 14
Twitchystr: 13
GammaGamer: 12
Pentaract: 9.5
Lily: 8
Glawi: 6
Seelpit: 6
IYN: 5
Laserquest: 5
Dappertron: 4
EddyOrk: 3
Demonseye: 2.5
Unfocused: 2.5
Toastrz: 2
Dragon: 1
Nameness: 1
Niegil: 1
RJEleven: 1
RMGnoob: 1
RyanYoon: 1
Vayizor: 1

I thought that it might be neat to have a list of media, history, real life, mythology, etc that RotMG references that people can look through, as this game tends to reference a lot of stuff.
However, I’m not really knowledgeable on a lot of media, and I think the community’s combined efforts would be able to find all of the references in the game.
I was thinking that it might be interesting to have a sort of ongoing leaderboard/contest for people who can spot as many references in the game as possible.

How I plan for this to work is:

  • I created a document that will list all the in-game references that have been found; it is linked at the top of this post.
  • I will edit a leaderboard in this thread as well that will list all the people who have contributed to find a reference and their score (more on how score is determined in a bit)
  • To submit an entry, you just post in the thread with what you found in-game that is a reference, the media it references, plus an explanation of what it’s referencing and/or how. Please try to explain it well enough to someone who might not be familiar on that specific media, because if I can’t understand how it is a reference I can’t award any points.
  • Each valid reference spotted will be worth 1 point (with an exception, mentioned in the next point). You can put multiple references spotted into one post (so one post can net you multiple points, no need to spam).
  • The exception is if you spot a reference that is already mentioned on the wiki, then you will only get 0.5 points. I think this is a good compromise because I don’t really want to leave references out of the sheet just because they were already on the wiki for completionist sake, but I also want to keep it fair for people who aren’t just looking through the wiki for already-known references (and fair for people who don’t know much media like me, but wish to contribute). There is a catch to this, which I’ll mention below:
  • At any point, the person who made the initial edit on the wiki page in the first place to add the reference can claim the entry, even if someone else has already claimed it for the 0.5 points. Then, unfortunately the other person will have the 0.5 points subtracted, and the person who had added the reference to the wiki will gain the full 1 point. This is so people who put in the work potentially months or years ago can still be rewarded for it if they want to participate in the thread!
  • I will be checking edit histories and such regarding the above 2 notes when applicable to make sure points are fairly awarded.
  • New-ish rule: If someone who was involved in the creation of the in-game reference posts, they get 1 point as long as no one has already claimed that reference, even if it was on the wiki already (since they were involved in the creation, they can get some perks plus they know exactly what the reference would be). This is tentative and may be changed if people dislike this rule.
  • The above point scheme is subject to change for balancing purposes, however which references you’ve spotted will stay constant because that will all be saved into the sheet. If you think the score system should be changed for any reason, you’re free to suggest ideas and I can change the system.

If you have any feedback on this feel free to share as well, I would appreciate it. I wanted to make this a sort of game and hopefully people enjoy it.

Good luck with the hunt!

Trivial Issues Thread







Count Dooku, from Star Wars


Corruption Phantom Wisp minions are named after the Machines in Horizon Zero Dawn

Not exactly a reference to other media, but references the scrapped enemy, Night Elf Queen

Toad from Super Mario

A lot of Super Paper Mario quotes for the Void Entity, specifically referencing Count Bleck and Bonechill with “This shall be the final battle your precious realm shall ever see!” and 'As your existence fades, consider it an honor to have ended by my hands!" respectively.

Original quotes from the game were,


Contrary to what the wiki says, this skin is regular Yoda, not Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian, who is also referred to as ‘The Child’. This is due to the fact that the attacking animations for the skin involve whipping out a green lightsaber, which the Child does not possess, and the right hand is holding onto a cane, both of which are used by Regular Yoda in the movies.



Based on a female skin for the ‘Smuggler’ class in Star Wars: The Old Republic video game


Azula from Avatar the Last Airbender


These 5 skins are based on characters from the Charles Dickens story, A Christmas Carol, Their designs seem to be based specifically on the 2009 animated film adaptation.


The Beholder first appeared in Dungeons and Dragons in 1975


Ana from Frozen


This is Serena Williams’ 2005 Australian Open outfit

(Don’t ask how long it took me to figure this out)


The gem quests were references to the Infinity Stones, as confirmed on Rotmg Reddit

Possibly inspired by the Terminator

possible reference to the Superman Animated Series villain, Livewire (She got her powers and turned blue after being struck by lightning)

Description references sound effect by the skeletons from Minecraft.

Tiger Lily from Peter Pan

Tiger Lily’s Father, Great Big Little Panther, also from Peter Pan


Tbh, it could be a good idea to create a wiki page for this, a list of references.

One question: what kind of criteria are we talking about, for media references?

Some things, like hobbits from J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings or beholders from Dungeons and Dragons, have become very generalized in fantasy or RPG tropes. Those are still technically copyrighted forms of media.

Does Medusa count as a reference to Greek mythology? Still fictional, after all.

Thessal is named after Alexander the Great’s sister, which is history, and not fictional media, but is still a reference.

Oryx and Craig reference art/music contributors, who would probably prefer to be classified as persons instead of media.


image Mini Gigacorn’s description is a reference to the show My Little Pony and the catchphrase “friendship is magic”.
image Mini Rototo’s description is a reference to the film My Neighbour Totoro (and so too is MegaRototo by extension)
image Mini Leviathan’s description is a reference to the YouTuber HenezRS’ video pro as heck guide to the trickster where he gives a run down and guide of different gods.
image Living Tree’s sprite is a reference to Groot from Guardian’s of the Galaxy.
image Transcendent Penguin is a reference to the Galaxy Brain meme. Source: Dapperton himself.
image Gargantua’s sprite is a reference to the famous fictional monster Godzilla
image Searing Soul’s sprite and description is a reference to how the soul is portrayed as a heart in the game Undertale as well as the game mechanic of DETERMINATION.
image Champion Spirit’s sprite and description is a reference to ghost like stands in JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure.
image Shiba Inu’s description is a reference to the popular meme Doge.
image Blue Flaming Pumpkin’s description is a reference to the starting song, This is Halloween, in the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas
image The Flamingo’s description is a reference to the famous phrase that is commonly attributed to Superman’s arrival.
image Parasite Chambers’ enemies are likely a reference to the grotesque assimilating alien/monster in the movie The Thing.
SAM_7631-alpaca-poncho-mountains-rivers-and-stars Pandora Priestess is a reference to the story of Pandora’s Box in Greek mythology.
image Morris Dancer Priest’s description is a reference to Atticus Finch’s quote in the novel To Kill a Mockingbird in which he exclaims “You just hold your head high and keep those fists down".
image Lodestar Warrior is a reference to the playable class in the game Fire Emblem as well as the character Marth from that series. (Notes in wiki are acredited to me)


Mario Kart Items. No need to say more

Metal Gear Solid. Snake can use a box as a disguise
image image

Link. Main character from The Legend of Zelda


Merchant from Resident Evil 4

Quote and Curly from Cave Story (my favorite game uwu)
image image

The Black Mage from Final Fantasy
image image

I’m Krathman (Batman)

Indiana Jones
image image

Count dooku from Star Wars
image image




I’ve updated the leaderboard and the google doc, but will likely go over both again and update them with a more accurate count (need to organize the google doc first) in a bit, so don’t panic.

(also if you have suggestions/feedback on how to organize the document feel free to share as well)

Reply time:

For the Frozen reference, I’ve added that tentatively since the skin does look a lot like Anna, but the description doesn’t seem to quite match up from what I remember of the first movie’s plot (or the plot synopsis I looked up), so I’m unsure. The description is close, but maybe not quite, but I think close enough to award the point.

Tbh, it could be a good idea to create a wiki page for this, a list of references.

That was actually what I was thinking of when I created this, just I wasn’t sure if it would fit on the wiki so I was hesitant to create one, plus I wanted to involve the community a bit as well since many heads together are much better than just one. If someone wants to create a wiki page with what’s been collected, they’re free to.

One question: what kind of criteria are we talking about, for media references?

I guess my intention wasn’t just for media references, but also references to mythology/history/real life if applicable. I just struggled to find a term to describe what I was thinking of so I just picked media. I’ll revise the OP description.

Anything that wasn’t added to the google doc I wasn’t totally convinced it was a reference, but you can always show more evidence to prove it is a reference.

(also late edit but the issue on the wiki regarding saber wielder warrior is my bad, you can fix it)


Its based on Anna, according to the skin’s designer. @Lily


T11-13 Katanas are named after Legendary Japanese Swordsmiths, Sengo Muramasa, Gorō Nyūdō Masamune, and Hikoshiro Sadamune respectively.

The description of the t11 katana references how Muramasa’s works fell out of favor starting in the 18th century onwards, being regarded as ‘cursed katanas’

The t14 Kusanagi is one of the 3 Japanese Imperial Regalia, alongside 2 seals. The Kusanagi appears throughout Japanese folklore as a representation of the virtue of valor. Historical accounts regarding whether or not the Kusanagi exists in real life have been contradictory, but it was presented, albeit wrapped in packaging, in 2019 when Emperor Akihito abdicated the throne. Records of the Kusanagi suggest its more akin to the Roman Gladius, a short sword, rather than a katana.


I don’t know if these are true or not, except the last one, but i’m almost sure the lost halls were inspired greatly from Binding of Isaac.

You know that the void entity swaps to some bosses when defeated ? That’s a reference to Delirium from Binding of Isaac, the final boss.

The entity belongs in… the Void. Hey ! That’s where Delirium is in Binding of Isaac !

image The void icon in binding of Isaac. When you use a vial of pure darkness on marble colossus, it appears the same exact thing !

And remember of Prismimic ? He is white. Delirium is white. But not only.

image image

The mimic gigacorn and the “real” gigacorn. The left one is white-faded.

image image

It’s the same exact thing in… binding of Isaac.

nothing related with binding of isaac, but the Realm Eye says “There is no secret sheep level” when you ask him “secret sheep level”. It’s a reference to Diablo.


I would agree, but the first version of halls was released in august of 2017 while Afterbirth plus (delirium) was released in January of that same year. It’s always possible that they took inspiration from it during it’s developmental phase though, so I wouldn’t count it out completely!


Yes, but remember the revisited LH version. I don’t remember if the original creator added these easter eggs.


This is quite clearly a reference to the Blue Oyster Cult album “Fire of Unknown Origin.” References the following songs, in this order: Fire of Unknown Origin, Sole Survivor, Veteran of the Psychic Wars, After Dark, and Don’t Turn Your Back. This screenshot was taken from the wiki but I was the one who put the note in for what it references, though even that is a bit vague.


Xolotl’s design and name come from the Aztec God of the same name. In Aztec mythology, Xolotl is the god of fire and lightning, depicted as a dog that guarded the underworld.

The name, El Dorado, literally translates from Spanish to ‘The Golden One’. The term was used by Spanish conquistadors to describe a mythical ‘city of gold’ in the New World. The boss itself is a reference to the ark of the covenant from Indiana Jones, the realmeye prompt for El Dorado noting that ‘the first tribesman who touched it died instantly,’ a reference to how anyone who touched the ark in the Bible died instantly.

The Pumpkin King Arena, the Crypts, in Haunted Cem has a grave shaped like the number ‘1’, a reference to smitty werbenjagermanjensen’s grave from Spongebob

(Dang, someone beat me to it)

Shaitan is said to be a Djinn, and his name is derived from Islam. The Shaitan are said to be ‘evil spirits’, comparable to devils or demons. They’re sometimes referred to as ‘Evil Djinn’

Belladonna’s Berries reference the fruit of the real world Belladonna plant, better known by its common name of Deadly Nightshade

Arachna from Spider Den obviously refers to Arachna from Greek Mythology

Mixcoatl is the Aztec God of the Hunt; in Aztec mythology he had 400 sons, which is referenced in Xolotl’s realmeye description. Whether or not Xolotl actually is one of Mixcoatl’s 400 sons is up for debate, with some sources saying yes, others saying no.

The Glitch’s quotes are all lines from Fracktail from Super Paper Mario

Krampus is a creature from European folklore. Its said to punish naughty children on Christmas.

The Wendigo is a monster from the folklore of the First Nations Algonquian tribes


I can confirm; I based it off of Anna (I started it a month before Frozen 2 came out) and then deviated it a little to make it seem more original. (not like it’s a good skin anyway. The contrast between the cloak and the body ended up being horrid). I was intending on making an Elsa skin but I just got lazy.

Moon Maiden - Eirin Yagokoro (source: I’m the creator)
Shrine Priestess - Reimu Hakurei (but the creator based it off of a general Shrine Maiden)
Ordinary Magician - Marisa Kirisame
Gardener Ninja - Youmu Konpaku

The Crystal Kunoichi’s moving animations are a reference to the Naruto Run (as it’s naruto running)
The color scheme may be a reference to Garnet from Steven Universe (search up Cotton Candy Garnet; however, I’m pretty sure this was simply a coincidence)
Sir Wumple: a reference to the discord mascot, Wumpus
(a crap ton of skins are also references to League of Legends Champions. Have fun finding them!)


Touhou owo


So rotmg has references to anything and everything but not to other flash games?


The Mystical Owl skin is based off of Clockwerk from the Sly Cooper series (see its description, which also references replacing parts of its body with metal, which Clockwerk apparently did)

(also, I added this to the wiki, so gimme that full point!)

This Koala statue in Belladonna’s Garden is a reference to KoalaP, who sprited the original Belladonna.

Similarly, the Stanley the Spring Bunny skin references KoalaP’s pet bunny, Stanley.

Merasmus, Soldier’s roommate from Team Fortress 2. The desc references his line “Bombs, bombs everywhere!” while using the Bombinomicon.

Megumin, from Konosuba. An easy one.

Okay, I kinda stole this from the wiki note, but this is a gal from Touhou - named Marisa Kirisame.

The Magmatic Mystic’s description references Captain Magma, from Spongebob, and how he shouts “KRAKATOA” to fire off a spurt of magma.

(once again, I was the one who added that to the wiki ;3)

The Fox Trickster’s skin’s description, “Can’t let you do that, Trickster.” references Wolf’s famous line “Can’t let you do that, Star Fox!”
(credit to me again wikiwise)