Spot the Reference


Wikipedia says that that was bellona


Oop, frick. Thanks


The pot of gold at in the dungeon Rainbow Road, refers to finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow


may have already been said, but this quest

is a reference to the song Ocean Man by Ween

#253 is pretty good


I love it how the first thing I see is Mega Man X. I just recently got ahold of the series and beat the first (and almost the second) game. Still like the Zero games better, of what I’ve done, but a very curious franchise altogether, despite its repetitive nature.


B.B. Wolf Skin is an abbreviation for Big Bad Wolf which may be a reference to the World War 2 German battleship Tirpitz, which was nicknamed ‘The Big Bad Wolf’ by Allied sailors


Lord Ruthven is a Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure reference. He’s a vampire that throws knifes.


The fire sword is a reference to fire, a kinda hot gas thing, and swords, a historical weapon used by humans.


Okay, it’s about time :

  • The 15 player classes reference humans in real life or not
  • Water references water
  • Lava references lava
  • Cubes references geometry shapes and computer pixels
  • 875 more…



Easy one. Avatar the Last Airbender reference.


Mushroom Warrior may be a reference to the Mushroom( of Wings of Fire Legends book Dragonslayer)


Avatar really has so many references in RotMG that I never realized


image Catrina Necromancer’s name and appearance references La Calavera Catrina which is an iconic of the Mexican Day of the Dead celebration.

RotMG Exalt’s OST also has some music references to the anime Girl’s Last Tour’s soundtrack :

The OST references I’m quite sure about since @WangleLine frequently talks about how Girl’s Last Tour is her most favourite anime.


Pretty sure Web Kid trix skin is a reference to Miles Morales, from into the spiderverse


Leaderboard (last updated 8/21/2020)

Zquidx : 70
Mizumi : 65.5
Moobattle : 34.5
Wilhuff : 33.5
Nevov : 31
Piggby : 17
Crystalpx: 15
GammaGamer : 14
LudwiGa : 14
Twitchystr : 13
Ezie: 11
Lily : 10
Pentaract : 9.5
Seelpit : 7
Glawi : 6
IYN : 5
Laserquest : 5
Dappertron : 5
Mynamerr: 4
Demonseye : 3.5
EddyOrk : 3
Inrigo: 3
Unfocused : 2.5
Toastrz : 2
Helblox: 2
Avokato: 2
Dragon : 1
Nameness : 1
Niegil : 1
RJEleven : 1
RMGnoob : 1
RyanYoon : 1
Vayizor : 1
ZenoOfElea: 1
Kevzero: 1
Bluford: 1
Atrapper: 1
Platformz: 1
Nyangamer: 1


There are various historic torture/execution devices depicted in Leucoryx’s section of Oryx’s Sanctuary.

guillotine Guillotine

ironmaiden Iron maiden

pillory Pillory

rack Rack

wheel Breaking wheel


Idk if a guillotine counts as a reference as that’s just a real life object
That’d be like saying Acclaim is a reference to a sword, which is a weapon irl

(Same goes for the rest)


That’s valid; I just thought it was interesting to point out that these were all based on history but I’m fine with not being awarded points if Wilhuff so decides


Zquid will get points because they’re specific historical items. An entry such as ‘an acclaim is a reference to a sword’ is a very generic description and won’t be counted. If you however find it to be a reference to a specific type of sword, it will be given points.