Spot the Reference


Do you mean specific in the sense that the t4 sword, falchion, is a reference to the real life falchion, which is a broad and slightly curved sword with the cutting edge on the convex side?




Yes!! Very well spotted


Oryx 3’s heaven attack (“The heavens are mine to command !”) is probably a reference to Isaac’s light beam attack in Binding of Isaac, which is probably true as there is plenty other references in the game, namely dungeons made by @Toastrz if i am not mistaken.

After the first celesial phase, he will also begin teleporting and summoning random holy beams which is also in Isaac’s fight. I think the whole second part of Oryx the third is just a big binding of isaac reference.

By the way, Leucoryx also uses light beams present in the Cathedral (Isaac’s location)


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The moonlight huntress skin image is most likely a reference to
Vereesa Windrunner from warcraft


References the Bob the Builder theme song.


Pretty sure this is a reference to the infamous Mario Kart map of the same name.


Ahh, yes, my childhood remembers.


Right. I was gonna say, that one should be pretty well known amongst history or weapons aficionados.


Orrrrrrrr maybe it’s a reference to the popular fairy tail about the 3 pigs? LoL.


God yeah, megaman x series of games and stuff was a nice lil part of my childhood and teen years. One of my favorite games was megaman xtreme 2 for GBC.


It could be both…?


Na see, either way it’s rooted in the fairy tail of the 3 pigs. The ship you spoke of was named “The Big Bad Wolf” which is directly derived from said fairy tail. Without that fairy tail, it’s not likely that the ship would have gained such a moniker.


dont know if this was mentioned, but the description of the piglet sorcerer skin could be a reference to Yoda from the star wars franchise, being a small character of enormous wisdom yes wilhuff, I know you know this, and you are the one keeping track of this thread, although others may not know star wars well, if at all




The Pigboot pet skin references this. Yes you heard that right and yes this is confirmed


What - even is that monstrosity? I probably live under a rock, but what unholy place did that abomination spawn from?


It was created due to an inside joke between me and my pals

Ok then. I won’t ask further questions. -Book


I’m not sure I can award points for that if its not a more well known meme or something, sorry.


i dont really want points lol