Spot the Reference


Yes please and thank you.



I think that’s the only way to completely remove a timer with the tools I have after some research. We should be golden now!


The description of the Candy Katana references the candy cane song from Royalty Free Christmas Songs by Jacksfilms




^ the cubic cleric of the third dimention.

you know what it is?

it’s me.


The big pingus skin is a reference to the fat bugs bunny, big chungus


biig big chungus



Small update (not that I expect much buzz from it). Wilhuff asked if I would take over the thread, so hands are changing for a second time. I’m the one you yell at for a lack of updates now! :sweat_smile:


Very cool, did you know that water in rotmg is a reference to water in real life? I also don’t know if anyone has mentioned the nezuko samurai skin, which is a reference to demon slayer, which is a pretty good anime btw.


Someone pointed out this to me in game about a month ago, the “Chemist of Steel” paladin skin is a reference to Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist


Picture of the reference?


give me a minute or 2



Edit: After looking at the wiki, it is mentioned there as well


You’ll all forgive me. I’ll need to run over the doc a little later, but I have this thread on watching. I will see notifications and take up scores when I can!


hello people. while I’m here, I’ll just say this.

the lady of ?the? locks skin is a reference to goldilocks. part of me is surprised that no one else pointed this out.

that’s it for now.


Nope, she’s more resembled to Rapunzel.


Me leaving ugc single handedly killed the thread hahah



Small update. I’ve been repeatedly been experiencing difficulties trying to update certain things in my phone, so I’ll need to set apart a weekly time add things. I’ve reviewed the doc Wilhuff sent me, and noticed a couple things to add to it, myself!

Also, a small request for you all. Would you mind snagging photos of anything you’re referencing, as applicable? All I have is the Realmeye Wiki’s stash to work with, so that would help me out immensely.


tWfKWDT Has this one been spotted yet? Homestuck reference lol


No, and I need to update the page, as a matter of fact!

I would keep up on this better if I could do it on my phone (as accessing my home PC is competitive, and I usually have other things to do on it first before recreational activities), but I promise to update this before I do any gaming. In addition, I’ll set up time to update it monthly as necessary, so I don’t sidetrack.