Spot the Reference


Which character was that by name, so I don’t have to dig through Homestuck? I’ve never read it. :no_mouth: I’m editing the document right now, both adding the new additions and a little bit of proofreading, for my own sanity.


I have approached Zquidx, the creator of that skin, and have confirmed that it was, indeed, Rapunzel. Having the description would have made it more obvious: “She fears no monster. But barbers…”

I’ll credit you for that one!

(Sorry Rabcord, but good guess!)


I would say Aradia Megido, judging by the horns, red clothes (references her god tier outfit), and “Abyss Adventurer”…but I’m more tempted to guess that it actually references Hades’ main character Zagreus?

After all, Aradia:

  1. is female;
  2. is not at all related to hell;
  3. hasn’t actually killed anyone in Homestuck, as far as I can recall?

I think it’s more that the skin itself might reference Aradia’s outfit, but without her demeanor.


This one actually exists on the wiki with an easily accessible description, for once, and it alludes to the skin as being male, you’re probably right: “One has to check up on all the wretched souls he himself sent to Hell.”

It was also created by CrystalPX, so they can confirm that’s correct, or deny it.


its Aradia not Zagreus, the description is a typo made by Deca (which has not been fixed yet…for what, 7 months?)


I thought the shrine maiden skin was a Touhou refrence?

Also vocaloid is technically a franchise, so Hatsune Miku should be under that, not misc.


One step at a time. I’ve gathered two valuable sources for harvesting data, so I’d love to get a spreadsheet and put down the existing references and irrelevant character skins and pet stones before I go classifying anything further.


Bookwyrm, what have you done to the thread?


i saw somebody earlier who said demon slayer was a good anime. not even trash taste, just tasteless. :disgust:


Molding it, shaping it, transforming it into something different…

I don’t know. The thread was dead when you handed it off, but some people are piping up again! After having some time to figure out how to be more efficient in gathering data and putting it into the doc, I’ve started some movement that can be seen by all of you.

Am I ruining the game part of it too much? Some of you have had massive head starts and/or creator’s knowledge, and I have no idea who’s even still doing this. Why not try to help fill the missing gaps?

(Also, I have a list of who’s discovered what since the last update waiting in my notes, ready to fly soon.)


Nah, I was joking. You can do whatever you want lol.


That was a fast response holy-

Ok, good :smile:


there were some moments where I thought “hmm, sakura may be correct” before your post.
well, now I’m a shmuck and they’re not.

should I put a note saying something like “oops, I’m incorrect and also an idiot” and strikethrough my post?


You can do whatever you want, it was just a guess on your part, anyway! I’m not in charge of your posts unless they’re against ToS, and even then, certain restrictions are in place with those situations.


I enjoyed it, sure it’s not amazing but it was a fun watch


Since I’m working on a lengthy document for cleaning up the XML and tracking character skins to see what’s been done and what hasn’t (which will take a hot minute), here’s the points, before I take more time away doing menial work:

Leaderboard (last updated 5/31/2021)

Zquidx : 88

Mizumi : 69.5

Moobattle : 34.5

Wilhuff : 34.5

Nevov : 31

Piggby : 17

Crystalpx : 16

GammaGamer : 15

LudwiGa : 15

Twitchystr : 13

Ezie : 11

Lily : 10

Pentaract : 9.5

Seelpit : 7.5

Glawi : 6

IYN : 5

Laserquest : 5

Dappertron : 5

Mynamerr : 4

Demonseye : 3.5

EddyOrk : 4

Inrigo : 3

Unfocused : 2.5


Toastrz : 2

Helblox : 2


Avokato : 2

TriforceJ : 2

DeeBomb : 1

Dragon : 1

Nameness : 1

Niegil : 1

RJEleven : 1

RMGnoob : 1

RyanYoon : 1

Vayizor : 1

ZenoOfElea : 1

Kevzero : 1

Bluford : 1

Atrapper : 1

Platformz : 1

**PRCSakura : 1

Nyangamer : 1

MetaGorm : 1

Misiulolxd : 1


I’m on the board :sunglasses:


Is this a reference to anything? It gives me hollow knight vibes, but idk for sure.


The orange HK infection-like substance sure looked convincing, but it always very mildly reminded me of this scene because of that small detail:

Not that the infection was present at that point of the game. A bit of a stretch, but regardless!


probably just a random detail. lots of games with spiders have this