Spot the Reference


The Serenading Bard skin description is a reference to the movie Say Anything (1989)


Does the girl in red song of the same name count, too? :^3


I’ll add that as soon as I can. Sorry for the delayed response!


100% a Portrait of Dorian Gray reference.


there is a celeste skin out too but i have to go and cant get the screenshot rn


I wanted to make that one, but I snooze, I lose. I’m still getting her as soon as I can, despite her looking weird with an oversized pack and possessing a staff. I’m glad she was a Trix though, because that was my first pick of two classes!


The Lycan Warrior set’s item descriptions are a reference to the Jabberwocky poem by Lewis Carroll


Pretty late to this but the Sand Wanderer Trickster skin is a reference to Shantae from the game series Shantae.


but shes wearing red and not purple…?

also shes hot


oh yea…idk how but i completely glossed over that detail, probly not her then.


Isn’t it the other character from her game? I swear she was purple


There’s several, but you might be thinking of Risky Boots? She has similar colored skin to her garb, though, so I don’t think so. Also, I don’t play those games; just know minimal things about them


its shantae


i mean i thought it was pretty obvious no


Thanks for the confirmation! i had a gut feeling that it was shantae, she has the same hair and gold hair tail, just the different outfit color made me unsure.




Thanks for the confirmation. Is her outfit different in parts of the game? Just wondering




Fair enough, especially considering that’s a pixelated series, making their case stronger for similarities.


surely it cant be her image