Spot the Reference


Why don’t you make those if you want them so badly?



How should I make references when I have literally zero influence on whats in the game?


Valeera Sanguinar, from WoW/Hearthstone
Little prince from… Little prince
Black mage Edit:

Not black mage
Doctor strange
Tyrande from WoW/Hearthstone
Rudolf the reindeer
Link from the “The legends of Zelda” series
A night elf from WoW/Hearthstone
A plague doctor
Another plague doctor
Little red
A poltergeist
Lil bopeep from that kids song
Mad hatter from Alice in the wonderland
Black mage again


Black mage is incorrect


This is actually a reference to Veigar from League of Legends. Veigar’s title is “The Tiny Master of Evil”. He is sensitive about his height with one of his quotes being “It’s only a short way? Is that a short joke?!” This fits well with the Little Evil Doer Wizard Skin’s description “LITTLE evil doer? Is that a short joke?!”

Here are some pictures for reference:


image Burlap Hat’s description refers to the But It’s Honest Work meme.

The Golden Archer set refers to the Golden Archer Pack.

image Greaterhosen’s description refers to Oktoberfest.

image Robe of the Tlatoani and image Tlatoani’s Shroud refer to the Aztec term for “ruler”.

Ring%20of%20Decades Ring of Decades refers to DECA Games. They released this ring after they took RotMG over from Kabam.

The item descriptions of the Paranormal Wizard Set refers to/parodies the lyrics to Monster Mash.

The item descriptions of the Reanimated Archer Set refers to/parodies the lyrics to Spooky Scary Skeletons.

Davy Jones’s Locker (as well as the boss and items he drops), refers to the identically named superstition.

The bosses in Tomb of the Ancients refer to Egyptian deities: Bes, Nut, and Geb.

The Raijin Disciple Set refers to the Raijin, Japanese god of lightning and thunder.

image image Gold%20Medal The Bronze, Silver, and Gold medals refer to the Olympic Games.

Stheno the Snake Queen refers to Stheno from Greek mythology.

Archdemon Malphas refers to Malphas in demonology.

image Mister Mango references an unused bag sprite.

image Dirk of Cronus refers to a series of events that took place during the Wild Shadow era.

Battle for the Nexus refers to SwatSecOne taking control of an admin account and spawning enemies in the nexus. As well, the items dropped in the dungeon refer to previous RotMG GMs and devs.

image Staff of Yuletide Carols’ description refers to the lyrics of Deck the Halls.

image Skull-splitter Sword looks oddly similar to a tattoo seen in The Simpsons.

Master Rat in Toxic Sewers is a reference to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Fairies in Magic Woods are named after default player names for new players.

Enemies in The Machine are named after the RotMG game servers.

Janus the Doorwarden refers to Janus from Roman mythology.

Grinch refers to Grinch.

Santa’s Reins Companions refers to Santa Claus’s Reindeer.

I believe this refers to “Big Brother is watching you” from 1984.

Refers to “I’ll be back”, a quote from The Terminator.

Refers to lyrics of I’m Always Here, theme song of Baywatch.

Possibly refers to the band Iron Maiden.

Refers to Monkey King aka Sun Wukong in Chinese legend.

Description refers to an old proverb.

Description refers to lyrics of I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor.


The Light Cavalry Warrior skin is likely a reference to the poem, The Charge of the Light Brigade, especially suggested by the words from the description “…charging fearlessly to their grave.”


There are some good ones here, idk who you want to give the credit to


660k veigar main :))


Now here’s a thread I can get into!

There’s also a considerably more hidden Avatar reference in the game, and no, it’s not on a cosmetic.

While the Secluded Thicket in general is meant to have an Indiana Jones vibe to it, the interpretation of El Dorado seen in-game is actually more directly meant as a reference to the El Dorado sarcophagus in the first Uncharted game.

So glad someone caught that.


I have a very specific type of memory, wherein I can vividly remember very specific memories - “Snapshots” moreso - and one of them is of a meme which is a screenshot of that gif, except with a title “When you’re asked to calculate the length of a triangle” (or somefin like that) and edited to say “Solcaltoa!”
So, uh, I guess I was privileged there, hehe.


Is it the lod dragons being fire, earth, water, air, and all elements for ivory?


No, it’s more overt than that.

And also the basic elements aren’t really an original concept from either side.


Ooh ooh I know one.
Buster Katana is some reference to an anime dude with a big sword hold on I’ll find it.

Apparently Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII:


There’s probably a few D&D originated ideas, one that jumped out at me as seeming to be a clear homage/tribute/inspired-by was Cubes:

Seems to be the original 1974 D&D had the 10ft x 10ft cube as an enemy, and persistent reoccurring in D&D:

And The Realm Eye of course a reference to here!


What?! Clearly you didn’t read his flavor text back in the public testing thread.



@Toastrz Are the concentric square patterns in the Corruption Phantom room a reference to Fez?




You’re never gonna find those last few Easter eggs in the Library, mark my words!


Oh, don’t worry, I’m just getting started on my backlog of easter egg theories. @Toastrz

  1. When the realmeye says ‘These texts cannot leave the library’, is that a reference to the medieval superstition of book curses?
  1. Curses are also a type of library in programming. Is that where the name, ‘Cursed Library’ was derived from?


The Guiding Spirit Pet Skin (? ? ? ? family):

Is a bandwagon hop on the ‘Ugandan Knuckles’ meme:



All these squares make a circle…All these squares make a circle.