Spot the Reference


This food item is a reference to a traditional song by the same name


ackshually :nerd_face: fire is plasma


was that dreadstump sprite ever actually used or was it just in the Art Maker?



Thank you so much, I’d been searching for evidence of it being used for days but could not find it. :pray:


Are you sure the item isn’t a reference to the food itself?




Reference to DOOM


reference to Madeline from the game Celeste


Madeline my little skrinkly skrunkly :yellow_heart:


You know what’s funny is that I actually wanted to submit that character as a sprite, but I had to conform to certain standards for it to be approved, and I got busy. She was either going to be a Archer (in reference to her guest appearance in Towerfall of the same creator since she actually wields a weapon in that game), or a Trickster in favor of her double, Badeline.

I’m happy they went with Trickster, but it would have been cool to have her decoy change to a Badeline look; also, I haven’t seen the sprite in action, but I don’t suppose it’s a cool multi-frame skin, is it? I was even coming up with an idle rest animation for her as a bonus x)

Also hiiiii Wangle! Nice to see you around


pretty sure:
1 Acidic Spitter

reference to Peashooter from Plants Vs Zombies game

2 Ogreish Outhouse

reference to Ogre Outhouse from Shrek

3 Wetlands Chomper

reference to Sentient Carnivorous Plant from Little Shop of Horrors film

4 Heart of the Wetlands

reference to Whomping Willow from Harry Potter fantasy novels series

5 Cubic room in Sulfurous Wetlands

reference to Minecraft

not sure:
Swamp Spirit

reference to Myconids or Mycelion - DnD races


1 2nd form of Factory Control Core

reference to BioShock (game)

2 rear taunt of Kogbold Worker

reference to Run to the Hills (Single by Iron Maiden)


  1. Azamoth
  2. Nox
  3. Kabam, or Fire Bombs
  4. Bickuribox12 and YinYarnsBarn
  5. Crawling Depths
  6. Pentaract
  7. Godlands
  8. Bridge Sentinel
  9. Young Azamoth as shown in the Shattered Kingdom Pages
  10. The Shattered Queen


It’s on the wiki already but I was pleasantly surprised to see that I could grind for a a skin of Reisen Udongein Ibana from the Touhou Project


The real (orcish) name of the tavern boss (Bradley the Barkeep) is Borgub. This is most likely a reference to the orc-NPC-bar visitor in Elder Scrolls Online Gozarth gro-Borgub.