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The 3 following skins are references to the 3 main character of a popular chinese novel/movie by the name of “Journey to the West”

monkey%20king%20paladin The “Monkey King Paladin” skin is Sun Wukong.

Sand%20monk%20warrior The “Sand Monk Warrior” skin is Sha Wujing.

Wise%20swine%20knight The “Wise Swine Knight” skin is Zhu Bajie.


When Commander Calbrik says “Fine, I’ll do it myself…” it is a reference to the same line Thanos says at the end credits of Avengers: Age of Ultron.
image The Alien Mini Satellite’s sprites are a reference to TIE Fighters in Star Wars.

The infographic/poster of the RIFTS Infestation season has a tentacle Oryx which likely references the fictional entity Cthulhu.

The Tarot Cards reference the real life tarot cards.

The Cool Shrine that appears during April Fools uses the iconic Deal With It meme’s sunglasses.


The ground in the Cultist Hideout reference the religious association of the pentagram. This could also extend to the event god Pentaract’s pentagram.

Balaam in the Cultist Hideout is a reference to a figure in the bible of the same name.

image Royal Champion Samurai’s description references the act of Seppuku in which one chooses to die at their own hands (by ritual suicide) in order to retain honour.

image Baywatch Samurai’s name references the show Baywatch, and so too does the description reference the first line, “Some people stand in the darkness”, in the show’s theme song “I’ll be ready” by Sunblock.

image Tatooed Yakuza Samurai’s name references the Yakuza crime syndicates of Japan.

image Chonmage Samurai’s sprite and name references the show Samurai Jack, as the protagonist wields a magic katana (-mage) and was sent into the future (Chron-).

image Demon Girl Samurai’s sprite and description references Nezuko from the manga Demon Slayer.


It’s actually intended as a reference to Uncharted 3, but the phrase has been used elsewhere too.


These 5 skins are based on characters from the Charles Dickens story, A Christmas Carol , Their designs seem to be based specifically on the 2009 animated film adaptation.

Close! Their designs (and descriptions) were based on The Muppet Christmas Carol, though I didn’t design Scrooge so I can’t speak for him.


Below are references…even though most of them obvious. Sorry if there are repeats.
I’ll be putting question marks next to the ones I’m not sure about.

??? Lord Ruthven (Dracula, Novel)

??? Traditional Priest Skin (Roman Catholic priests had to wear black) Traditional

Yuki Onna Mystic Skin (Yuki-Onna, Japanese folklore) Yuki Onna Mystic

Amazonian Huntress Skin (Greek Mythology) Amazonian

Queen of Hearts Sorcerer Skin (French-suited playing cards) Queen Of Hearts Sorcerer

Juliet Trickster Skin (Romeo & Juliet) Juliet

Death Ninja Skin & Spectral Sentry (Grim Reaper) DeathSpectral

Jack the Ripper Rogue Skin (Jack the Ripper) Jack the Ripper

Guerilla Archer Skin (Rambo) Guerilla Archer

Inuit Archer Skin (Inuit People) Inuit

Ankou Rogue Skin (Ankou, servants of Death) Ankou Rogue

Frankenstein Knight Skin (Frankenstein, Novel) Frankenstein's Monster

Knight of the Round Skin (The Round Table, Arthurian Legend) Knight of the Round

??? Shield Maiden Knight Skin (Scandinavian folklore) Shield Maiden

Founding Father Paladin Skin (A US Founding Father, probably G. Washington) Founding Father

??? Masked Rogue Skin (Deadpool, Marvel Entertainments) Masked Rogue


Deadpool is green?!!!


Think Queen of Hearts is the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland.


Yeah I really should have deployed Private Browsing :male_detective: before trying to work out if Soubrette Trickster from @Dappertron that I indirectly looted was based on some specific media example, or if it was more simply a generic/trope character.

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Ah yes, the Sienar Fleet Systems’ TIE/LN Star Fighter. A commodity that was the most plentiful thing in the galaxy after hydrogen and stupidity


all those pet skins and you didn’t mention the best reference of all smh


No, but it’s super clear. Even if it wasn’t inspired by Deadpool, there are a ton of similarities, from the eyes to the belt to the sword.




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New patch notes!
I’ll claim my own skin references before anybody else does.

Water Battlemaiden: Katara from Avatar the Last Airbender (it’s also my scrapped version of a skin for TWO art contests)
Samurai Quack: Two references: The name is a reference to “Samurai Jack”, and the description is a huge reference to “The Duck Song”


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