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I don’t necessarily update every day (I have my own life as well so I can’t spend as much time as I would like on other things), but so far the leaderboard hasn’t gone over 2 days without an update.

Also coincidence that you mentioned update because I was in the process of working on it right now!






Tbf, hunchback might be a reference to igor (a character from frankenstein), since it was released for halloween.


I guess, but his hair color matches with Quasimodo


I think the Inari sorcerer is less a reference to any popular media but instead to the Japanese god of foxes who are often associated with crops and agriculture. This is supported by her shrine priestess outfit, solidifying the connection. Spice and wolf is probably just an allusion to this, although I cannot say with certainty.




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I immediately saw that 69


IDK if this counts but I noticed on the minimap, the rock dragon setpiece looks like the chinese word for dragon

hah traditional chinese u freaks


The Flying Dutchman (gship Halloween reskin) is a reference to the character/ship of the same name from Spongebob.



Which itself is a reference to this:


Staying on a ghostly theme :ghost:, the Ghost Bottle (and unreleased Greater Ghost Bottle) description is a reference to the lyrics of the year 2000 Baha Men song ‘Who Let the Dogs Out’ (original version by Anslem Douglas 1998).



This is actually kind of wrong as the bubblegum line is originally from “They live”


I won’t let this thread die on me~


Treasure thief enemy from Tcave is based off of Aladdin
image image
Surprised no one got that one yet


I’ve removed the autoclose as this one will be an ongoing topic so long as they keep adding new content.


Okay so prompted by seeing some in the Tinkerer today, lets see about these:

We’ve got Pilgrim Father Skin, and there is also Pilgrim Mother Skin, referencing the English pilgrim settlers of the 17th century:




Staying on a US-historical theme, there are the Thanksgiving petfood items:

Referencing items from a traditional Thanksgiving Feast:

And also for Thanksgiving, the turkey enemies: the Gobble God (previously named Turkey God), and minions (Gobble/Turkey Overseer, Gobble/Turkey Defender, Gobble/Turkey Blaster):
image image image image

And the Wandering Turkey enemy too:


And then from the US Revolutionary War there is the pair of skins:
(believe you’ve got the quote references already listed from both, but not the historical reference)

Redcoat Assassin Skin:


The British soldiers were nicknamed “Redcoat” due to wearing a red uniform:

and Patriot Paladin for the American Revolutionary forces:


The Irish Dancer Trickster Skin referencing the traditional cultural dancing of Ireland:
(the quote is Irish language, meaning One, two, three, four)


And another dancing one, the Morris Dancer Priest:
(you’ve got the quote reference already, but also there is the cultural reference)


Morris Dancing is an English folk dance:


The Rainbow Rocketeer Pet Skin


Along with being another item to list under the leprechaun reference, the description relates to the Nyan Cat.

There are several other leprechaun references to add, not least the Leprechaun enemies (Leprechaun, Leprechaun Statue, Dungeon Leprechaun, Alien Leprechaun, Yellow Leprechaun), and the associated Rainbow Road/Pot of Gold for the myth of the leprechaun’s crock/pot o’gold hidden at the end of the rainbow: image image image image image image

And there are the two player skins, Leprechaun Mystic, and Miss Shamrock:

Miss Shamrock also referencing the shamrock as a traditional symbol of Ireland:

There’s a bunch of other leprechaun-related things too, pet skins: Mini Pot Of Gold, and Leprechaun’s Walking Hat:

The Walking Hat also has a bonus reference in the description, to the Sorting Hat from Harry Potter:

…and reusable consumable Paddy’s Flying Hat which is a leprechaun’s hat/St Patrick’s Day reference.

The St Patrick’s reference is also there in the other reusable consumable Rainbow Clover:

As it is in the St Patrick’s Day Weapons:

The Clover Bow item and description would merit a mention under the lucky clover reference:

The Staff of the Saint has a triple whammy of referring to clover and leprechaun, and the Saint in its name referencing St Patrick.

Rainbow Rod has its appearance at the wand tip being clover-like; Katana of Good Fortune has the clover references via the hilt resembling one, and the item name.


Sunrise Hunter Skin refers to the mythological Chinese archer Hou Yi and the tale of him shooting down the suns.



Another couple of entries for the djinn listing:

Lucky Djinn enemy, image

and the Mini Djinn Pet Skin:



Leading on to the Ent (and Ent Ancient, Ent Sapling, Ent God, Lucky Ent God), referencing the Ents of Tolkien’s Middle-earth.

image image image image image


not sure if posted yet
Chinese DragonZodiac Pig

i think these work
Zodiac Dog
EDIT: also
Zodiac RatPaper LanternMini Paper Lantern