Spot the Reference


Karma Orb’s sprite is a reference to sans from Undertale (blue eye and bony smile), as well as the name being a reference to the game mechanic of KARMA. it is also a reference to the concept of karma itself in its description “what goes around comes around” as well as the effect of the orb, petrifying the user if they try to stasis an enemy.

Shield of Pogmur’s projectile sprite and the item’s name is a reference to a popular Twitch emote called PogChamp.
image Anubis Necromancer is a reference to the Ancient Egyptian god of mummification/afterlife.
Vengeful Yokai Necromancer is based upon supernatural entities/spirits in Japanese folklore.

These are yet to be released in the game, but:
Skeleton Trumpeter is a reference to the doot doot meme.
Twintailed Vocalist is a reference to the vocaloid Hatsune Miku.
Treacherous Trout is a reference to Fish in the game Nuclear Throne.
Ferret Pet is a reference to the Furret walk meme (and so too is the description).


I’ll do updates for the OP at a later date, probably will wait until those skins are released if it’s not too long of a wait. Just wouldn’t want to forget any, and I have some stuff to deal with currently so it’s not that I’m ghosting, I do plan to get to it eventually.


Earth Battlemaiden Warrior is a reference to the character Toph Beifong from the show, Avatar, the Last Airbender. How do I know? Well, I made the skin.
Who will the Wind Battlemaiden reference? Hmmmmm… (no, it won’t be from avatar because I cannot find any prominent female airbenders and doing Korra will be an insult to the show + Korra isn’t even exclusively an airbender)


The alien event is potentially a reference to the storm area 51 joke.




No it is not. The storm area 51 thing was the 2nd alien event.


The joke started suring the summer, as did the first alien event.


It appeared first on the 27th june, whereas the pre-motmg campaign which also had alien themed rewards started on the 27th too, so Deca must have had the idea first.


maybe they took the idea from Deca :thinking:


Calbrik’s Quote “Surrender now or be faced with Extreme Prejudice!” could be a reference to an item in teh game, the Staff of Extreme Prejudice.



yes i know what prejudice is


Does seem very likely (note the spoken line itself doesn’t caps the E & P).
Though as an internal reference back to another thing from Rotmg, I think that’s not so much what they’re seeking here, I guess because that would be a whole entire project of its own, getting into Rotmg’s in-game lore and such rather than external references.


well a bunch of the other stuff in this thread im like “duh thats obvious”
so i don’t feel so stupid posting something that seems obvious. maybe nobody else made that connection or didnt take notice of it


Dante Alighieri



When 东风 is Eastern Wind’s Chinese translation…

You get this…


image indecisive reaper warrior skin is a reference to Kayn from League of legends

image wind samurai samurai skin is a reference to yasuo from league of legends

(most likely)

image shadow stalker rogue skin could be a reference from Akali from league of legends

… idk if others have found these references


I’m pretty sure the first two were listed on the wiki, but you’re the first one to identify them on this thread.


The Rainbow Gummy Worm’s description:

Rainbow Gummy Worm
Taste the Rainbow Gummy Worm… feel the Rainbow Gummy Worm!

Reference to the Skittles advertising slogan: “Taste the rainbow!”



Based on Rhea the Red Prismed Hipster, a character from @Craftable’s comic series of the same name. Rhea was in turn based on some old youtuber video about ‘The Hipster’

I know this because I pitched the idea to @Lily, the spriter.


Yeah you are right about Akali