Spot the Reference


And what about Bastila Shan skin?

Or Darth Nihilus?


Hmm I think Nihilus isnt doable on 8x8






New bard skins have been released and here are two references already noticed (NOT by me) that have not been posted in this thread:



Valkyrie Paladin
Valkyrie Paladin Skin

“Valhalla, I am coming!” is a reference to Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin.

Monk Paladin
Monk Paladin

Many possible references:

  • MLK’s quote in A Christmas Sermon on Peace: “We have neither peace within nor peace without.”
  • Mohammad Ali Jinnah during his inauguration: “Our object should be peace within and peace without.”
  • Zack Rosen’s quote: “Peace Within. Peace Without. Mi Zai.”


WoW reference


Every word is a reference to something else in 2020


I havent seen anyone mention this one, but the trout skin for bard is a reference to another rogue-like called Nuclear Throne. The skin and description are both nods to the character, Fish.


It’s not fitting the spirit of the thread to reveal the references to one’s own design, but I don’t think anyone was ever going to get this:

The Guillotiner Samurai is a reference to the 1976 film Master of the Flying Guillotine.

Specifically this guy, the main antagonist Fung Sheng Wu Chi. “A master of the flying guillotine, and a slayer of the unarmed” is both a reference to the movie and the protagonist, the one-armed boxer.


While these skins are listed as “History” I think they more appropriately reference units in Age of Empires 2.

Chu Ko Nu Archer Skin

Halberdier Paladin Skin


Dr. Spellbomb Wizard - Skin and description both reference Dr. Boom from Hearthstone.

sjrPakL “What was so important about that gold and loot?”
Heartless Dodger Rogue - Skin resembles Cadence from Crypt of the Necrodancer. The description is one of her lines from a cutscene.


Not sure if the list is still getting updated but the manticore pet skin is from persian mythology


C’mon, you gotta know this.
You know this, right?



I have uh kind of left this abandoned for a bit, so for full transparency I’ll explain what’s happened and what will happen.
I was taking about a month’s long break from anything RotMG-related more or less, decided on it spontaneously and so never mentioned it here. I was intending to come back after my break to update the thread and explain that I did this.

On this break I realized/reasoned that I really don’t care about RotMG that much any more at all. I really don’t have the motivation or desire to update this any more.
Someone else is free to take over the list if they want to.


I will be taking over this thread.


I’ll fight you for it.


Already have it.

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Shantae and Rottytops


Pegasus Seiya

Han Solo (Fun fact, there are two Han Solo skins in Realm)




I tought one wasnt han solo