Squee's Art Squabble


i actually couldn’t think of something to surpass the wise words of wilh, so here’s a funny picture


Yes, I’ll just second this as well, all hail the t h i c c a m p h i b i a n


What an absolute unit


hey dudes im coming back B) sorry for being so absent, I was really excited to make my own art thread but I sort of abandoned it quickly. that’s simply because lately i’ve been really busy and stuff I didnt expect to happen, happened. :T with school work and halloween coming up, I was really hyped to get stuff done so I could open up free time to draw, so here’s my first in a month!! enjoy!! remember requests are still open lol

lmao not much to say about this, I actually tried to draw bes last year once and it turned out rly bad. my interpretations of the egypts really suck because I don’t differentiate pixels too well (of course if its made up of like 5 freaking pixels. then of course its legible!)
heres your yellow mom in an apron tom :slight_smile:

i created a lovely gif for you because of my witnessing of this very nice image thank you


here are some actually normal and detailed work if that counts though!

I need halloween ideas pronto


spooky duck in a ghost costume
The giant nexus pumpkin
Oryx the pumpkin god?
Some random Halloween skin
Skuld is halloweeny…? Right?
Or a skeleton party


Spooky duck in a ghost costume


My black cat.
It deserves recognition for being scary :ghost:


god damn ran out of likes, so :heart: :heart: :heart: for now



:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:


Bumping this because the art style is adorable and I hope for more (can’t think of a request right now)


that means so so much to me, thank you!! <3 I’ve been trying to get back into creating art for y’all, and I actually just did some ROTMG related art for someone today! so I’ll be posting here again soon and hopefully more actively : D


(context we stood there for over half an hour now just afk :))))


this is actually so precious I can’t even describe how I feel about this


not rotmg related but I doodled this li’l gob a while ago and thought y’all might like it

and thank you!! <3


gremlin. jus a littel creacher. Thatse it


You should change your profile pic to that!

Nice jobs on all the arts @Squeakwee.


thank you so much sorry for the late reply!!


hello sorry my dudes I’ve been way more inactive on this thread than I thought I’d be, but thankfully I’m crawling out from under my crippling art block again and i should be back soon :> I also don’t play rotmg as much compared to when I first opened the thread but like it doesn’t rly matter because I’ve always liked making fan art for this game even when I’m on breaks from it lol
speaking of fanart :flushed:heres a thing i made a while ago

and once again i assure you that i will be more active soon lol