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The Forge should let you make ST items. The why is simple: ST items although not necessarily rarer than UTs are often more in demand than UTs. I mean, I like to get a Ogmur like anyone. But I don’t need one to play Knight, and am not especially expecting one or looking for one. I will take advantage of one when I next get one. But ST items I much more likely to be explicitly looking for one, as I have a partial set and want to complete it. In fact I am looking for a number of such. Off the top of my head I need the following items to complete a set:

  • Embellished Quiver from Ruins
  • Wraith’s Brigandine from Lib
  • Imperial Keepsake from Reef
  • Theurgy Wand from Janus
  • Mercy’s Bane from O2
  • Memento Mori from Ghost King
  • Pernicious Peridot from Pit
  • Staff of Eruption from Shaitan
  • Carved Golem Remains from Halls
  • Magic Wand from Encore
  • Daybreak Chakram from Thicket
  • Kamishimo from MT
  • Honeytomb Snare from Nest

All of those I have the other three items; there are other sets I have two or even one item of i might like to complete someday but am not actively looking for. Some of them I have little hope of getting as I do the dungeons so rarely. Other dungeons/quests I do pretty often but am at the mercy of RNG. Until I get the set I am reluctant to use it, and potentially lose it before completing.

As for how, I would make some changes to the Forging process. As well as raw materials it would depend on you having other ST items, mostly from the set. This would stop people just making a whole set out of surplus UTs.

You might e.g. need to have two or three of the set before forging items from it. You might have to use one or more items from the set as raw ingredients – this makes sense for the many sets where one item is far more common than others; the ring from the Swarming Huntress Set for example. Or ST items might need another sort of Ore, which you only get from other STs. Or some combination of these; it can use the same mechanics as UT forging but the pool of items can be different, even completely distinct.


That probably won’t be coming from for a long time, but deca has said it may come eventually iirc, but I definitely know that they have talked about integrating the “old” st items into the forge. (By old I mean the first st set for a class that has two or more)


I don’t recall reading anything about it before otherwise I would have referenced it. The idea of doing it for ‘old’ sets seems odd as they are a very mixed bunch. Two are tradeable, and it would be a bad idea to include them in the Forge as it would mean you could just buy whatever you needed for the Forge, whether from other players or RWT sites.

Used to be many of the older sets were odd, but I think they’ve all been fixed. Apart from the Sorc set which suffers from a non-piercing Wand, an ability which is weird, and bonuses that only make sense when all 4 items are used, stopping you replacing the wand or ability with something that makes sense. Apart from that many of the old sets are now pretty good, certainly for where they drop.


I am positive deca has addressed this, believe it might have even been on the AMA with the realm team, not sure though.


How else is DECA going to make money in creative ways outside of the keys and events. I hate to say this, but STs have always looked like a way to fundraise. I love collecting them (and share the same problem as you, Skandling), but I doubt that they would be so eager to pass up on an opportunity for money on those so soon.

I’m not trying to pose them as some sort of villain by saying that, because they had always kind of been that way and were separated from the normal UT items by design, but all I’m saying is that I’d be surprised if this idea came to fruition in full anytime in the near future. One can remain hopeful, though. I am such.


They can keep doing what they do and have them released first via the Nexus store, so those who want can support the game and get early access to the set, and later keep selling them alongside other sets for those who want to buy them. I don’t have a problem with that, and don’t see it changing.

I still want ST items to be relatively hard to get, sets hard to complete. That’s why I suggested various ways to limit ST item forging to completing sets, i.e. so it’s only accessible to players who have gotten 2 or 3 items. Maybe you can only Forge ST items using other items from the same set. This means e.g. you keep doing the dungeon to get the set, but if you instead collect three of the item you don’t need you can use them in the Forge. If some items are especially common then they don’t have the same recycle value, so you need a lot more of them.


cough cough ruins amulet cough cough


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