Stacking Consumables


I’ve come back from a long hiatus and I don’t know exactly how the new consumable system works.
I remember so old PT notes saying that certain consumables would have stack limits lower than 6 and cool downs when used from the consumable slots but that doesn’t seem to be the case (at least not for healing ichor). The wiki is, unsurprisingly, lacking on information of this sort.


I haven’t slapped in the consumable exclusive backpack yet, but something I have been taking advantage of us placing whatever healing consumable I want in the former hp/mp slots. It’s a bit more of a nuisance to collect, say, pure water, healing ichors, or magic powder since you can’t mix different consumables with each other, but you have more diversity in your options now. I’ve had no trouble spamming them near as I can tell.

I’d need somebody else to explain the new backpack, though, if there is indeed something special about it. I remember reading the patch notes on this with some of thatweird anti-spam measures mentioned, but it’s been a hot minute, so I need to refresh myself.


They removed the cd from quick slots, “certain consumables” include effusions (which I think are the only consumables with a stack limit of 3). Other have a higher limit like 8, e.g cactus juice




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