Staff of Communion: CSerp Upgrade


Staff of Communion

Tooltip: This staff was carried by high priests at formal rituals in which they would communicate with Xolotl.

Tier: UT

Shots: 2

Damage: 60–70 (average: 65)

Projectile Speed: 200

Lifetime: 1300

Range 10.22 tiles

Amplitude: 0.5 tile(s)

Frequency: 4 cycle(s)/shot

Rate of Fire: 122%

Acceleration: -1000

Acceleration Delay: 500

Speed Clamp: -30

Projectile Size: 80%

XP Bonus: 4%

Soulbound: Yes

Feed Power: 600

Loot Bag: Cyan Bag

Drops From:

  • Lightning Totem
  • Mighty Quest Chests

Other Info:
This is a second part to Ceremonial Circlet: Crystal Bone Ring Upgrade. Although there is already a staff that drops from Secluded Thicket, it doesn’t fit in with the theme of the original set and therefore I made a new one that would drop along side it. This weapon is meant to be used as a long range, easy to hit staff as an upgrade to the original. Tezcacoatl’s Tail also has long range but it is armor piercing and is very hard to hit. This is a cyan bag so that it would fit in with the theme of other early game UT sets with 2 cyans and 2 whites, with the other white bag being the Ceremonial Circlet.


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