Stalking realmeyers


You too.


lol i was banned already thats the offical client u can turn of the shadows in the settings
the back ground is youtube


dont think you can turn off item shadows but sure :man_shrugging:


Please, show me which option turns off item shadows


Don’t pretend to be dumb


I dont think he is pretending


3.33 in chat if the link doesn’t start there.


In the end, it doesn’t matter.
Hackers ruin the game for themselves, not for us, none of our business if someone hacks.


Heck dang




*gives certain players advantages
*makes game easier for certain players
*doesn’t ruin the game for others


They actually do ruin the game for everyone else. They screw with the economy, have unparalleled advantages over other players, and as @Toastrz has explained in the past, the presence of hackers has a huge impact on the ways devs can design certain fights or other encounters.



Pretty sure this is legal


maybe now im a regular im famous enough to get stalked
lets see


@Starwartwo Found starwarthree


oh nos you found me :tired_face:

also stalking is illegal in the us im p sure, maybe not dont flame me



@WindowsHDD :thinking:


you pineapple, that’s from a private server

you must now give me all of your items.



This was a while ago, but:



Hey ur back!