Stalking realmeyers


maybe now im a regular im famous enough to get stalked
lets see


@Starwartwo Found starwarthree


oh nos you found me :tired_face:

also stalking is illegal in the us im p sure, maybe not dont flame me



@WindowsHDD :thinking:


you pineapple, that’s from a private server

you must now give me all of your items.



This was a while ago, but:



Hey ur back!


He’s not a realmeyer but I think seeing admins is rarer



I’ve found him tonnws but I think he has pms and game chat off :c


probably. Senpai didnt notice me :c




Techincally I got him first but was watching a Youtube video…
As you can tell I had not said “Gottem” yet.


I guess you got the SS first lol


@Chennitoa smh


@Triforcej smh, discord light theme


well, tbh, my friends are a lot more aggressive about me using light theme than u r.






that screenshot was in fact taken today
he was just kinda chilling in a bazaar
edit: march 18 must be when he was last on the forums