Stalking realmeyers


Everything tourist-y and everyone jk pls no ban looks the same.

Beijing can go fak itself.
Shanghai was/is nice.
Suzhou was nice
Hometown was lit


I could say the same about the rest of your life mere seconds from now

At least let me hope 3’:




@Niegil @GammaGamer


the chat there was pretty uh, epic


It was. At one point they were talking about Thanos’s penis?

Might have been another tomb.


nah, that one was the n word spam


Ah, yes.


Love the armor.


@DreadHerod smh


Light mode pffft


@WindowsHDD @Nullbot
Also I took a ss of someone else but he doesn’t want me to post so


lol yea big oof


You dishonor my family


Yeah, I accidentally switched it out. I believe I went through the entire tomb with it.

I died in one of these tombs, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t that one.




@Dhanorocks Whatever I do is never illegal.


In the rest of the tombs, both of us got like 3 whites, all of them enchanted ice shards lmao


@Floflorian Whatcha doin’ up this late?


Found a hibernating @Diamondest