Stalking realmeyers


Yeah, I accidentally switched it out. I believe I went through the entire tomb with it.

I died in one of these tombs, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t that one.




@Dhanorocks Whatever I do is never illegal.


In the rest of the tombs, both of us got like 3 whites, all of them enchanted ice shards lmao


@Floflorian Whatcha doin’ up this late?


Found a hibernating @Diamondest


@Wilhuff A little late to the pop party, my friend :wink:


Check the whitebag thread.


You couldn’t have gotten all of those…Surely you’re kidding? :cold_sweat:


Of course; I didn’t bother showing off my 4 Rings of northern light, 2 enchanted ice shards, 2 frost robes, 2 frost citadels, the one frost drake, or my 2nd frimarra.

Those screenshots are totally fake.


Don’t you woosh me. :angry:


I’m being sarcastic.


Why be sarcastic. That mean. :sob: :sob: :sob:


Hyeperion’s tier progression priest npe.
YT is not safe, @CandyShi @Fluffegan


doesn’t even @craykiller when talking about the ppe competition

Flexin that we won though :^)








Alright, you’re going on my block list. Just like @Chennitoa . I warned you, and you ignored it.


If anyone finds me, please do post it here.
Mostly beecause that means I’ve been hacked.