Stalking realmeyers




@Dhanorocks Whatever I do is never illegal.


In the rest of the tombs, both of us got like 3 whites, all of them enchanted ice shards lmao


@Floflorian Whatcha doin’ up this late?


Found a hibernating @Diamondest


@Wilhuff A little late to the pop party, my friend :wink:


Check the whitebag thread.


You couldn’t have gotten all of those…Surely you’re kidding? :cold_sweat:


Of course; I didn’t bother showing off my 4 Rings of northern light, 2 enchanted ice shards, 2 frost robes, 2 frost citadels, the one frost drake, or my 2nd frimarra.

Those screenshots are totally fake.


Don’t you woosh me. :angry:


I’m being sarcastic.


Why be sarcastic. That mean. :sob: :sob: :sob:


Hyeperion’s tier progression priest npe.
YT is not safe, @CandyShi @Fluffegan


doesn’t even @craykiller when talking about the ppe competition

Flexin that we won though :^)








Alright, you’re going on my block list. Just like @Chennitoa . I warned you, and you ignored it.


If anyone finds me, please do post it here.
Mostly beecause that means I’ve been hacked.


Wouldn’t that mean you’d want them to post it here so you’d know?