Stalking realmeyers


Doesnt even say hi to @GBSlayer


Nice! That ring was with me for a long time.


@Darkawaiii @Ecookied @DivineOryx
And Yes, I did stalk you and was it worth it? Yes UwU


we got betrayed lynch infamous


pwease, I’m sowwy and I won’t dwo it agwain ;w;




I’m a guildy that doesn’t count…


So many epic gamers in a single snake pit, I’m surprised the walls didn’t spontaneously crumble from ya’ll’s sheer power


Well yes but no as you can see in Infamous’ inv we were ppeing so it took me 4 shots myself to destroy a wall. But in theory we are unstoppable!





Oof. Caught me and my low tier trades.
hangs head in shame






Hi there @Unicorn


Did you two meet for a shootout, or was it just a casual fistfight :joy:?


@Kageboshi congrats on the Cdirk! From a cube, too, not even the keyper.


@Demonseye and @DivineOryx How could you miss it? that was the 1666 post!
also, this post ends with 69 :wink:


lol i didnt even talk to him on the other hand i did have a shootout with a orange star that thought my alt was my real account and called me noob




@Tauntauned hey there!