Stalking realmeyers


Don’t expose me!




That’s not cheese


No, this does not belong to the death thread. @HorusKane was grave-stalked

I got a double white tho


fuck someone was there

that was my mystic PPE I just got a UDL staff on it ;-;

woah what the fuck and I was just on the double white thread when I clicked on your notif what is this bro


@TNSN Discord-stalked
good luck on the TRL run


Too bad i didn’t get anything good lol


ahaha found a @Wilhuff.
too ez




But I got u first.


Actually I saw you first, but I was too lazy


Doesnt matter. we both saw each other cause we loaded in at same time. also i didnt even have chrome open yet.


image image
I caught both of you


Fake. just took a picture of our stalks. and if not show us whole screen.


cough oh wow look at the time Goodnight


Mhm, that’s what I thought.


Just ignore all the things that are wrong
@Ecookied See I have proof
also realized I got the 666 post without knowing on this thread


WRONG… smh


wait if your a white star and the fame bar on your knight isn’t full…

the only logical conclusion is that divineorick hacks!!!1!1!!



who is orick?