Stalking realmeyers


Furry Spotted


Ahaha. I have a full load of forumers here!
@Wilhuff, @M, @Twitchystr, @YCharizard, and @SaknisJr


useast 2 is the perfect place to find em… hmmmm


@SkySlurp Gotcha, Holy Boy !




Got @Glawi when he was least expecting it >:D


got recognized by a wonderful fellow named @Kalitaio, we had a nice chat :smile:




When hiding your location is useless…


@zuzu found you on the trading serverScreenshot_1

(also hello realmeye)


@Campfires Unity stalk


remember this, and still think its funny.


@Ecookied unity stalked


Hm interesting, Unity looks okay… but why in all the realms have they changed the HP bar to green?? :face_vomiting:

HP pot is red <=> HP bar is red. MP pot is blue <=> MP bar is blue.


It’s a new option introduced called Dynamic Hp, so it goes from orange to red the lower it goes. This can be turned off


Ah okay that’s probably a good feature. Thanks for the clarification!

Edit: oops I did forget also the little HP bars below our sprite are green too, and have been from their start, so that does match.


Pretty sure I was afk, but not 100% sure.


you went into a pub halls run directly after I posted that lmfao




You didn’t include my reply, “Yes daddy!”.