Stalking realmeyers


You were afk




And so begins… The search for the item shadows!


You scared them away :c


Hello : )


Oof. This is my 1st time me getting stalked.



Then don’t hack.


Don’t use hacks. You’ll only get exposed later down the line again nd lose respect. :c


I never could tell what item shadows actually looked like, even when I hacked. All I know is when they’re missing the items look cleaner.


When I’m briefly scanning a potential hacker screenshot, I usually do look for the cleaner item edges. To know what item shadows look like, take Craze’s screenshot and compare it with a legitimate flash screenshot by a player with similar items. The shadow is a small dark outline just around the item sprites.




but that isn’t in a dungeon

at this point you can just stalk everyone




Didn’t even see that, I’ve been feeding pots from my mules


Dang you stalked him FromBehind uwu


@DivineOryx Gimme my cookie


I saw you and in that moment I tried to go into that manor

Well here is your cookie





I guess I hang around here enough to get stalked now :o

Guess I gotta do the same now to you all huh