Stalking realmeyers


Ah shit he’s only gone and done it


@DosVapes A perfect shot, this could’ve been harder to catch. Or maybe he placed himself in the right position? Guess we’ll never know…

@DeveloperK You can’t say you didnt expect it…


Logging into a mule. Indeed a perfect shot.


Didnt think I was that lucky, damn.


@SkySlurp :eyes:


Not locked, doesnt count




Same, I’ve been stalked like twice even though I don’t know how to read
i think forumers just all have photographic memory and can remember every name
also the more you browse the forums you more you just learn about everyone who is consistently here and their general behaviors


I spend more brain cells on the forums than studying UwU


you wish


What’s my general behavior?


I don’t really get stalked. Only reason I got stalked last time is because I was giving cookie.


I could have stalked you yesterday, but too lazy


Double stalks:

Cutie with Miku Bard skin <3

The usual.


At your left ladies, you can see the honey scepter man scouting a rival hive for his beloved Queen.



@Ecookied chillin’ out getting some Oryx marks.


@Zquidx Utterly fascinating.


Umm excuse me… when?!


I missed a Cube God just to stalk @Mattyfatty


You’d have probs got zero anyway let’s face it