Stalking realmeyers


@Sturky @Wilhuff @Mizumi @Zquidx


2/1 for me :grin:

And a pic I didnt post before:
Gotcha Honey scepter man :camera:@Toastrz


hey, it’s free advertising!


Sounds like you got me now as well, @WaterPower… and it sounds like my sister didn’t get you back :sweat:

Edit: I suppose I don’t hide any of my information on my Realmeye page from you guys, but whatever; I have nothing to hide!


She ACTUALLY talked to you about me! :rofl:
When I caught you (yes, you :stuck_out_tongue:), she was grinding snakepits to sell spd pots for lives.
After that, we had a pretty chill conversation. And she couldnt get me back, because i moved to my home town realmchillin’ , waiting for my realmeye offers to do the work.

Want a picture of that? Here:
:camera:@XBookwyrmX Couldnt get a clean shot, first time I saw you, the wizard was selling but didnt have time. Had to pursue then hastily take my shot.


Yeah, she said she enjoyed talking with you. She was also pleased to announce capturing two orange bags. That’s definitely her witch loaded with the fancy jade spell lol
Alas, I have such a hard time actually getting on the game as if late… as soon as the school year hits for her, you’ll probably see a decline in activity. Not a full stop, though! And one of us grabs the calendar reward, at least :wink:


found @Unicorn


Please don’t enter me without permission kthxbai




sad Demon noises

But at least that player came back when exalt was announced, that’s nice


Haha. :slight_smile:




That’s only one of the forumers you have in your screenshot :wink:


@Pegasorous is also there, to be exact




@Cutie @VarsVerum

I was in Vars’s streaming, but this picture was taken after he ended the stream. And managed to stalk that gal again for the 3rd or 4th time.

And took this picture on stream replay (took me couple tries to time it correctly) just before he takes it down, bought an UBMP for a mana.


How nice of her.

Yoooo, she be teasing you with drops. Next thing you know you’re already back playing :wink:.

sad stalker noises well, im also not geting into realm a lot. been enjoying falllout new vegas and roblox lately.

You bet. Dont wanna miss any char or chest coupons.


Well, I finally caught MaddyMoon in-game, but I had to dash in a hurry. I suppose it might be easier to find people if I checked/utilized clues I’ve gathered from either their profiles or statements from older threads very rarely… but in reality, I just wait for chance encounters, rather than straight hunting them. I’m a trading server junky, myself, though I find myself prowling other random servers when I want to be more secluded (especially when I’m trying to be as solo as possible for Oryx to get the Oryx slayer bonus).




So you technically stalked yourself. Nice.