Stalking realmeyers










@PRCSakura this counts right?


(using cc to up the vc threshold, which is 45 with cc on)




Oh shoot I thought he quit


He’s probably just back on to have a look around at the changes. I wouldn’t count on him necessarily staying. There’s a couple of people that mentioned they were doing that, too.


His realmeye bio - “retired, sort of?”


hello @RareMeat

i apparently didn’t take a screenshot on the first attempt. well thankfully i did succeed on the second try.
anyway, that’s it.


The Nest opened by @Puffagod


yep! spent my dungeon competition prize gold on nest keys and for some reason opened them in the laggiest server i could find. 10/10 would die 3 more times


What happened to the other archer skin?

@Platformz @Ecookied


Exclusive skin > regular


@Seelpit You can run, but you can’t hide >.>


I told you I didn’t run I panicked and I did a bunch of misclicks ;A;


Kills final Katalund Boss
Me: Can i get a selfie?
Seelpit 1 second later:


panicked with a spd item on :^)