Stalking realmeyers


Forumer: Enters USW3

But this time I stalked you stalking me >:D


@Shadowfax Oops.


Is this screenshot delayed from time of capture or are you in EST?


I live around EST.


you play in windowed mode?

thank you captain obvious


Not to be a jerk but obviously he does


You asked


Why hello there square man @Demonseye
I tried to say hi, but it disconnected me when I tried to say something :c


@Chewbacka and @XBounty


had to put it in translator, as I know nothing about chinese, I always see you there as well, merching the goodies :slight_smile:


It means “Killed two bird in one stone”.


It’s always nice to see your consistent desire toward T6 rings! Keep it up


Got like almost 15 of them yesterday from @Ecookied. Funny thing was it was my 18th bday.

Long word short: He gave the UB rings as accidental bday gift on RotMG.


Welp. Happy late birthday : )


Camp what book is that?


Thank you. <3


It’s the t6 christmas reskin



d me

(doesn’t show it but he said in chat before me)




Whaaat? You found him outside of the USW3 Nexus? Unreal.