Stalking realmeyers


Only time I ever got it was from chest event a while ago, it’s pretty rare, and good


Fed one of my Ronin Waki long ago and died with another one on my 1st 7/8 Samurai.




@Mizumi Stalked her 2 days ago, but couldn’t upload it the moment after stalking until now.

@Algoprism AFK stalk?


Very busy. I had to get the last of my planks and screws and i thought best place to catch events was USW3.


i was just casually stalking technoblade i swear

laughed out loud when i saw this, my brother was confused lmao
link here


rigged yesyes/1/1?!!?1?!1?


technoblade never dies


how true


@Shatter Oops…


I knew it

shit lol i think i have you ignored in game


*Proceed to stalk your Realmeye *

*Found out your Realmeye location is “hidden” but still getting stalked *



I’ll find you and CandiShi in game one of these times, I hope. I did find another forumer today, at least!


@Potatogree You look puzzled when I stalked you.

@Wilhuff and @Triforcej
Another double stalk.


my set is better when i’m using the t5 trap.

Also, that hunt is my highest base fame character ever, and not even from grinding endgame dungeons


yes i was puzzled, but i soon realized what was going on


How is your set better with t5 trap than the best trap in the game?


“Triforce set”


@AlphaCroc Another one who was puzzled for a sec.


It probably has something to do with them joining the forums a mere 14 days prior.