Stalking realmeyers


@SkySlurp 0-0 0-0


@SBI Going for private O3 run.


U better have locked the guy whose name was literally just “J”. It must be cool to have a one letter name


I saw J yesterday! I’ve also seen a few of the single letter names out there over the years. I just don’t lock them, I guess.


Only one I’ve seen is E


with a cc on?



wow three people in the guild 0 have 1 letter names; J, F, and M


These are the screenshots I could find with a brief search. I am sure I have seen a few others, though. I know I have run into “G” several times, he is active in at least 3 of the big discord groups.


we need to get them all together to create the alphabet.


@TPLink You got 360 quickscoped boi!


@HorstHackf @Kevzero @TNSN
Oh baby a triple! Oh yeah!


Yes that’s my face reveal on a Zoom meeting with my teacher for college.


OmG SaKuRa FaCe ReVeAl!!!1!1!


Already made one a while back LOL.


Daaaaaaaaamn. I remember! You really got me. I was so confused. Well played.


@Smirror got out of the Forax just in time, but the chat kindly kept evidence of his presence for me


a second sighting of @Smirror moments before he escaped into the daily quest room


caught @Xbookwyrmx in the chat… does this count? yes