Stalking realmeyers


Not pinging 'im.


Fine, I’ll do it myself… @Twitchystr


@PhantomMod Seems like privating your Realmeye location is obsolete.


What does that have to do with anything?


Honestly the only reason it’s private was for eligiblity in discord raid server registrations, not for privacy reasons on where I’m playing on haha~ I think looking at my guild from my Realmeye page would be a very obvious clue to where I normally play :3c

@Maddymoon Ayy thanks for the cult! Didn’t really wanna do the sentry till your guild showed up (it was 4:45am and I wanted to call it a day and sleep).

That was a good full skip, I’m impressed


ahh yeas, sorry for making you do a cult at 5 am . w.


skyslurp stop scaring me do you have a screenshot or not


@KiddiKong and 2 others that I’m not going to ping.


you people scare me

did you just move to the east coast from asia or something?


I’m sorry?

Ain’t pinging them. But 5 forumers on USW3.




You got me…


i was teasing

i also asked, because the current time you had on your computer, and the default language you had set on your computer


@NoxNovus A Chinese RotMG Youtuber.

His response was " <3 "


I live in the US East Coast (I used to reside in Mainland China) But however, I prefer my laptop language set to Simplified Chinese (because I am Chinese :D).




You are Chinese??? O_o






@PRCSakura found but at what cost D: