Stalking realmeyers


Oh I forgot I’m using an editor for RotMG Client ( Skyslurp )


I also stalked @SkySlurp! (With a cameo by @EpicNecros)


@Slaxer e


@KiddiKong How does it feel to be STALKED


i’m constantly looking over my shoulders now :sob:


@waterpower >:)


I’m on my laptop now…


@CandyShi @CrayKiller @IgoZoom


phantomnod stalked


HFjfbsjf I didn’t even know you pmed me ahaha, I was alt-tabbed D:

Good O3 tho~ uwu




Little did y’all know that all of u have been stalked by me…:eyes:so many pictures that it would take months to upload, I’m there when u least suspect it…


As the ancient prophecy states;
“Pics or it didn’t happen”


@Triforcej Sniped

…and rip :c


0/8 lol


I don’t believe you, give us some pics at least.


Well. A wild @Trimaxgame stalked me out of the complete and utter blue! ^-^” (The first few lines were lost to a fast chat, regrettably.)

Right after I found another forumer just a few minutes prior, too… they weren’t terribly happy with me lol


Hi :slight_smile:. also how do you get the bottom of the forum quickly do you clikc the thing in the bottom right that says message/message


I’m on mobile, so I’m not sure if the pc variation is much different, but I tap on the part that shows how many posts there are, as shown in bottom right corner of the photo:

Then, scroll the bar wherever you want to be:

Hope that helps!


that’s what I have been doing but I thought there was a better way. Thanks