Stalking realmeyers


I mostly do not want to invest time in trading.


Exactly, that is why I buy rain bow 1:1 life


prc is def not a duper. My friend called darkinaza merches with decas and skins and now hs a full vault full. Also I recommend that once your vault is full you either give the stff away or convert them into the potions for potion fusion.


You do know that you get the skin from somewhere, aka someone has to spend real money for them in the 1st place.

Few months ago, I made a really idiotic decision of me spending real dollars on skins (no, not from those nasty RWT’s) and sold them 1 Deca each, and I ended up selling Decas for 2 Lives each. Think about this, spending few hundred Realm Gold for a skin and then selling converting those Decas to Lives like that, it was a heavy blow to my dollars and to my RotMG experience to the point I would never do it again.


I never said that they had a skin to begin with. You get that by grinding out small merches first


@Wilhuff We do a little stalking. Nice admin ring btw

wait DecaWotan bombed your set


@fury hi


Caught @BaconSM attempting his first O3.




Caught BaconSM in the same run where I got temp suspended from osanc because of under reqs :eyes:


@BaconSM asking for tips in their first o3 in a meme by @Hotle


@Hotle Umi bad


@BaconSM Wrong, go attempt your first O3.


its not my first o3



Hello @Seelpit


Stalked @Wilhuff yesterday






Nice set btw


was nice to meet you!