Stalking realmeyers


cant catch me im the gingerbread man


@RaindropMM @EpicNecros @WanDwarfV
Hello there, I’ve come to send some screenshots to the internet.
Go take a look at them if you so desire.

24th of October 2021 on AUS(I think)

1st of April 2022 on USwest4

You may feel a little unsettled rn(which is understandable). don’t worry, it’ll go away eventually(I hope).

4th of April 2022 on USwest4(Here come a flood of screenshots)

Idk why I uploaded all of these screenshots. oh well, at least I can delete them now that they’re on the internet.

Btw, I have a total of 113 Rotmg screenshots rn. I’ll probably delete some of them to clear some space.




@PRCSakura sup bro


You got me…









Triforce! Nice to see an OG forumer around here, but you just spoiled the PPE…


you posted that in dungeoneer loots deaths memes 7 hours ago…


But it is nice to still be around!


The forumers dont know shhhh



had to include nearby players because I couldn’t get a good angle








Found scorchmist below an aoe2 video