Stalking realmeyers


woah stalker :eyes::sweat_drops:


To add to that, there are Nexus shards in his inventory, and there are Christmas hats on the characters, so they cannot be that old.

With that in mind, what is his prize, or does he not qualify?

EDIT: Ti be fair, these images were taken prior to your offer, so I assume they do not qualify, but since you never said explicitly, we await you decision.


They say when you click on the image.

More like Jim is a detective.


Well, there goes my reputation as a badass stalker. Thanks a lot.



@ggaodzilla pay up sucker


fancy skin
if you already had it you dont qualify cuz theres no reason to own a skin unlocker if you already have it


Super cool!
I was just poking fun thinking it was all a joke but good for you! I should have tried.

I did see @Nevov today in a few Chambers but neglected to take screenshots as it felt creepy. But I guess that it is the point of this thread.


@GGaodzilla Where’s my money?


You got your money uwu

btw Wilhuff won the Ripper Rogue skin that i bought with @ArexRew’s and @Ecookied’s decas


Anyone who finds me I will give a t6 poison winter reskin. First person gets the prize.


XD Why would I do that @Ickabod


Maybe you just have really bad timing in which case I apologize, but that was super suspect.


Nice csword @ThatsMyJam


Thats my jam btw


Found @Nevov at a sentry (he got the oryx shoutout) and yelled out “NEVOV” in surprise, only to receive no reply in return.
Y u ignore me >:d


No one is safe.


@GGaodzilla ono





Yeah Nevov is pretty unresponsive in-game; he tells me that he’s multitasking though such as writing a forums post, while editting the wiki, while chatting with people on discord etc. etc. :thinking:

So don’t take it personally :3


i dc’d lol