Stalking realmeyers


None can hide! For the ducks know all.

@Lovens @PrimeGrind Gotcha!

ty for chambers pop btw <3


Npnp, and ty for helping to clear it! Now I’m a tiny step closer to the divine pet yard upgrade (:




edit: super gay


@Ecookied, you knew it was gonna happen. :smiley:

ty for the att btw


@BlueBoa :slight_smile:


Thanks all for this achievement!




Can someone stalk me in Realm? I’m curious to see how many can.

Except @GGaodzilla. He’s able to stalk me through Friend.


the only realmeyer that i can stalk through friends is leohe. But i also always know when he’s on cuz im in his guild


I mean I found you but I didn’t take a pic.

But tbh you saw me first.


Yeah. I’m actually surprised that you recognized me. Most people think, “RogueGamma? Never heard of that name…”, and I have to say, “No, no. I’m GammaGamer.”


I always remember a forumer.
Other than @BlueBoa, who I asked if he was a forumer cause his name looked familiar.


@Fluffegan 16:20 does this count?


Well I use different accounts, so a lot of people don’t recognize me.

I’m digging through my files to see if I can find a screenshot of @CandyShi racing with guildmates above the nexus.


Aha, here it is! @CandyShi, @Unicorn, and @OmegaDeity were CAUGHT!

I just stood there with my lvl 1 assassin, taking screenshots like a derpy noob


One day unicorn will be famous :c


you forgot @Unicorn and @OmegaDeity


Oh, shoot you’re right. I didn’t know about Omega though (nvr seen him)


as proof