Stalking realmeyers


@divineoryx just find him, tp to him, and follow him closely and enter any dungeon he enters


Make a alt then follow him.


WAIT WOT rigged


if trump said the election was rigged, but he still won it. Its possible for you to win a rigged competition.


Once I saw him he went offline.


@Smirror rip the sprite.


@Seelpit is the most replied to, most liked by and most liked on my profile.




Ig this will have to do :frowning: says it all in image FK image is broken frick I found wilhuff then dced trying to take a pic in o2. Then I take a pic of his pm then that gets broken image
@Wilhuff I would ask you to vouch for me, but you probs aren’t.


I don’t recall ever seeing you today.


so you are having the same problem? Hmm :thinking:


lmao im a realmeyer now?


Well you’re here…


i thought realmeyers in this case reffered to regulars tho :stuck_out_tongue:


lmao i see him at least 3 times/day itz kinda ez


GYUIFGWIBUvbauOHOIC HOIAHOHOIAHFIOHAIOHOIFHIOH Cmon I knew it. Imma quote exactly what you said OMG NVM IT WORKED 51%20AM



Yeah right! There is only 1 @Wilhuff so it can’t be fake. especially when you say “Good, good. Everything is going exactly according to my design.”


Divineoryx = Hondo
Wilhuff = Count Dooku


Yet Emperor Constantine was also a faker. My point exactly.