Stalking realmeyers


ok stop stalking me and pming me, Im already scared enough
edit: dont make me use SICKO MODE on you spongebob…


Dont have me locked? Smh.


wait re forumers is real lmao


I swear it wont happen again boss.


yes, it is real.


I almost got recruited while I saw Ecookied. If I need to find a guild later I’m going to join.



Xd ima stalk u my boy…


Please don’t do that. He is my boy.


image I struggled getting the pic quick he kept moving. But I got you @Wilhuff


HA I saw what you said. Try to prove it! That’s your exact skin and cloth/dye.


THat screenshot is a small and jumbled mess. IT could’ve been photoshopped.


Don’t make me get you in nexus!


Stalking intensifies


My character is not visible aside from your player list.


Heya! Yeah, I remember that MT. I was closing some quests on my ninja and tried to spawn a Rock Dragon, then someone distracted me with “Opening MT, tp!” so I took a little break from quest closing :smile:


And what does that mean? You were still stalked and clearly has a picture of you at home. This cannot be disproven.


all yall stalkers r gunna be arrested one day smh


Going to file for a restraining order against @DivineOryx.


they are legally allowed to do it within my jurisdiction and topic