Stalking realmeyers


@Toastrz Please dont call the cops.


yeah… i see candyshi about 10 times/day now


I don’t usually see the rare @Candyshi (I almost spelled it chadyshi and totally didn’t edit the name after I didn’t spelled it with a t)


just look in a realm in uswest ad ull probs see him if u have some random western time zone


Displaying Screenshot 2019-03-28 at 3.20.17 PM.png



Yep, displaying screenshot.


Your just a lucky person. I caught you before but the picture was broken and now this.


@wilhuff gotchu.

EDIT: image LOL


Going to get a restraining order.


Seems there isn’t a functioning legal system in the realms.


I’m afk, that doesn’t count.


:expressionless: Really. C’mon Wilhuff, that’s not fair. Being afk means you’ve left your guard down.



how dare you insult cutlass


Uh, I just saw this. Can you… fix this @Bulwqeajli?
It brings up my small OCD.


as a person who still doesnt have colo, cutlass is pretty epik in mbc


at least I got ur attention


to what exactly? U want me to capitalize it or change the word to forumers or smth?


Rn it is relameyers. Just to realmeyers. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@CandyShi @Diamondest