Stalking realmeyers


“I overpopulated earth with 171 billion people and this happened:”


Haven’t been playing a lot, but I saw @BiIgewater a few days back.


Y’know, normal Sunday night activities.








Got a Sphinx in that Tombs.



Took around 2 minutes to get this screenshot because someone wouldn’t stop trading me and getting in the way of the screenshot
edit: and that dude still managed to photobomb are you serious


that ninja?




Lol I saw @Yin a couple days ago(or a week I forget)don’t have a picture tho


image lol


A forumer made that account to spite me ok


oof, lmao


Noone’s found me yet. I’m deep cover.


me too


I’ve seen you plenty of times… just don’t realize you are a forumer.


ik that ive been seen many, many times, especially by @Merricmojo but i still think that i’ve been posted only like once or twice. I know that archivic was the first one to stalk me.

Also, I have given merri plenty of time to stalk me, like i’d even pm him and say, ill stay here so u can stalk me, but he just wouldn’t <3


I have in a sprite once :stuck_out_tongue:


@PappysTip :smiley:
And a sneaky @DemonDeath