Stalking realmeyers


What, I can’t respond to sarcasm with more sarcasm?




@ArexRew @Wilhuff Can both of you stop being moronic potato plants?

Both of you obviously Multibox and use hacks so I don’t think either of you should be arguing

That’s sarcasm btw, not like either of you are smert enuf to deedict thet.

That’s also sarcasm.


Whats this word supposed to be?






Lol no one has found me yet🤣


alright lemme make it easier

no I’m not a furry




sorry, but the fact you used UwU means you’re a furry.////////////////////ssssssssss

Can’t argue with facts and logic >:o



so is Yu-Gi-Oh also furry?


Lol I play on usW because other than Europe servers they are all empty







I saw @WindowsHDD during a loch fight

#1232 is better @ggaodzilla



I Told him I would give him a free deca so I can see him :wink:


I’m just a pore hobo
totally not greedy tho


what is that 2 para hps in your inv and then it changed to 2 exa hps :thinking: