Stalking realmeyers


there was this guy called yuuza on the forums a year ago, he first joined as a light blue star and like in a month got white star. don’t quote me on this though, since his star history is blocked


You aren’t hidden on RealmEye. We can all see that you haven’t been on in 24 hours. Please stop making stupid posts. TY






@BigDaigo I found the large tiddy pfp RealmEyer.


Oh dear. my weakness




Eggs in slot 1?
Aren’t they easier to drag into slot 5?


Lol I have my eggs in my backpack in the 4th slot


Can’t get stalked if you stop playing


@Lovens sup


Or can you?



OwO a wild @DivineOryx ! (top right)


Lmao I thought running away would stop you


You can’t escape.






FK thats why you didn’t stalk me during realm because you already had a pic of me


I had 10 mins to stalk you. I didn’t because stalking in a dungeon is better than stalking in realm.


First time seeing @Barnette in game.
Honestly even 1st or 2nd time being found in this thread. :open_mouth: