Stalking realmeyers


why does @Barnette’s skin look like @Xaklor’s profile picture lol


Not sure.


It is the Ankou rogue skin dyed light blueish!


And a wild @DosVapes!




Welp ^

Im on a roll with stalking peeps. @Zuzu :slight_smile:


you forgot someone





Oh a wild @Nevov


Hehe @Waffle was mad after I baited him into this pic! :smile:



I saw 2 people yesterday, but laggin too much that if I tried to screen shot I would automatically dc
@ArexRew I remember saying “nice warrior”
@Nevov I said “hi” but forgot I turned off my chat so I didn’t see if you responded
and rip a nest so much lag I dced and my guildy was still there and said 2 7/8’s died


I do have a nice warrior


Nice client kiddo.


no shadows


Get counter-stalked @CandyShi
How does it feel



Grand @Wilhuff



When the 2nd to last pic happen?


Right when I saw you in nex I said that


More specifically, what date? I don’t remember that ever happening.